National policy Dialouge discussed healthcare in Pakistan

Dr Quaid Saeed, CEO IHRA participated in National Policy Dialouge to discuss Improving healthcare in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities.

World Anti-biotic awareness Week observed

To commemorate ‘World Antibiotic Awareness Week’  seminar was held at NIH in which Dr Quaid Saeed discussed the role of IHRA in optimising the anti-microbial use.

Consultative meeting on AMR

A consultative meeting with Flemming Fund team to further strengthen collaboration on Anti-microbial Resistance  was held at IHRA secretariat.

MOU signed for dengue prevention

Dr. Yasmine Jospeh, Director Society for Relief and Development (SRD) called upon Dr. Quaid Saeed, CEO IHRA at IHRA Secretariat. A MoU was signed between IHRA & SRD for the dengue prevention and awareness campaign.

Meeting for collaboration amongst sister healthcare commissions

A meeting for collaboration amongst sister healthcare commissions on different areas of implementation in their respective jurisdictions was held at IHRA. CEO IHRA welcomed Dr Nadeem Akhtar; CEO KP Healthcare Commission, Dr Ahsan Qavi Siddiqui; CEO Sindh Healthcare Commission and Dr Mushtaq Sulheri, Director Clinical Governance Punjab Healthcare Commission at IHRA Secretariat. It was decided that all sister healthcare commissions will meet regularly to learn from each other and analyze progress.

Meeting with WHO TB Program team for collaboration

WHO National TB Program Team visited IHRA HQs in which collaboration on different matters like T.B centre identification as per standards and development of a combined ERP system for patient identification, diagnosis & reporting were discussed.

Training of Healthcare Professionals on AMR Stewardship organised at IHRA

Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority  is conducting a three-day Training of Healthcare Professionals on AMR Stewardship in collaboration with  DAI Fleming Fund. Healthcare professionals from different healthcare establishments  of Islamabad Capital Territory  and IHRA  officials participated in the training. Anti-microbial Resistance  is one of the biggest and most urgent threats to global health and AMR fundamentals were discussed in Day 1 of the training.

Celebration of World Hepatitis Day

IHRA CEO, Dr Quaid Saeed participated in an event organised by World Health Organisation to raise awareness on World Hepatitis Day.

Workshop organised for AEFI reporting for COVID vaccine

CEO IHRA, participated in a workshop to train healthcare professionals from private institutions in Islamabad Capital Territory  on recording & documenting adverse events following immunisation focused on COVID vaccination. This workshop was organised by Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority, United States Pharmacopoeia and MoNHSRC.

CEO IHRA participated in seminar on ‘World Family Doctors Day

CEO IHRA, Dr Quaid Saeed participated in a Seminar organised by College of Family Medicine Pakistan Federal Chapter to celebrate ‘World Family Doctors Day 2022’. Dr Quaid while speaking to participants said that IHRA will engage this important health system as Authority is committed to raising standards of healthcare services in Islamabad Capital Territory.