As per the Islamabad Health Regulation Act, 2018, IHRA is responsible for maintaining a register of all healthcare establishments, setting standards for registration and licensing of healthcare establishments. In addition, its functions include but not limited to the following:

  • Registration, licensing and regulation of healthcare establishments, healthcare professionals and equipment
  • Enforce minimum standards of safety for patient, healthcare professional and other staff in a healthcare establishment
  • Regulate healthcare establishments in accordance with standards and notified practices
  • Development of code of conduct for professionals to meet quality assurance/minimum service delivery standards
  • Issue standing orders to ensure provision of quality healthcare services by healthcare establishments
  • Grant, renewal, suspension, cancellation or revocation of registrations of healthcare establishments, its healthcare professional and equipment
  • Monitor and regulate healthcare services quality levels and standards
  • Constitute committees i.e. inspection committee, complaints committee, review committee etc.
  • Investigate complaints relating to healthcare establishments, healthcare professional, healthcare services and/or medical negligence
  • Organize and arrange various educative programs, seminars, conferences and meetings
  • Take steps for coordination with healthcare establishments, for implementation of various health improvement, disease prevention, curative, rehabilitative and palliative programs
  • Collaborate with international and national institutions, organizations and companies to secure their assistance, cooperation and support for improvement of healthcare establishments for provision of quality healthcare services