The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) Directorate of Clinical Governance is responsible for development of Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) for all types of Healthcare Establishments (HCE’s) within Islamabad Capital Territory which comprises of Teaching Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Dialysis Center, Cosmetic Center, Radiology, Pathology Laboratories, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Maternity Homes, Slimming Center, Dental Clinics, Rehabilitation Center, Homeopathic, Tibb, Tele-Medicine  and other HCE’s providing healthcare services.

                         IHRA is responsible for developing & successful implementation of these standards by the HCEs. MSDS that are implemented by HCE will be assessed by Inspection Teams of IHRA through scoring matrix which has been developed to facilitate decision making at IHRA for issuing of regular license.

                          IHRA Directorate of Clinical Governance will conduct orientation sessions & train the experts from the medical fraternity, both Public and Private to facilitate healthcare service providers to understand and implement these standards.



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