The IHRA Directorate of Clinical Governance is responsible for developing Quality Healthcare Service Standards for all types of Healthcare Establishments (HCEs). The level of standards ranges from minimum to that of accreditation, keeping in view the local context and the ground realities.

Alongside, shoulders the responsibility of developing related rules, regulations and reference materials covering guidelines to facilitate successful implementation of these standards by the HCEs. In addition, the guidance material and tools to facilitate the IHRA Inspection Teams for assessment of implementation level and to facilitate decision making at IHRA for issuance of license and/or provide advice to the HCEs to improve in case of non-compliance and low scoring.

(With the absence of designated Director, Deputy Director Inspection is looking after the Clinical Governance Directorate. To respond to the capacity needs of the stakeholders, the IHRA management has adopted a facilitative role, and is planning to conduct orientation and training for HCEs on IHRA quality healthcare service standards).

Approved QHSS Standards

The Directorate has developed the following six (06) quality healthcare service standards (QHSS) to cover all aspects of healthcare service delivery including clinical and managerial areas.

1IHRA - Standard on Primary Healthcare FacilitiesHealthcare FacilitiesDownload
2IHRA - Standards for Clinical LabsClinical LabsDownload
3IHRA - Standards for Dental Clinics (Cat-I)Dental ClinicsDownload
4IHRA - Standards for Dental Clinics (Cat-II)Dental ClinicsDownload
5IHRA - Standards for Dental Clinics (Cat-III)Dental ClinicsDownload
6IHRA - Standards for Rehabilitation CenterRehabilitation CenterDownload
7IHRA - Standards for TibbTibbDownload
8IHRA - Standards for HospitalsHospitalsDownload
9IHRA - Standards for CCLHospitals/LabDownload
10IHRA - Standards for CCL ChecklistHospitals/LabDownload