Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) is an autonomous health regulatory body enacted under the Islamabad Health Regulation Act, 2018. IHRA aims to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare services delivery by adopting evidence-based regulatory standards for registration and licensing of healthcare establishments, health professionals & equipment, and developing and enforcing minimum standards of safety for patients, healthcare professionals and other staff in healthcare establishments in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

                   IHRA is responsible for maintaining a register of all healthcare establishments, setting standards for registration and licensing of healthcare establishments, registering all healthcare establishments, health professionals and equipment, and issuing licenses for defining the scope and extent of healthcare services to be provided by healthcare establishments. IHRA is also responsible for regulating healthcare establishments in accordance with minimum service delivery standards and notified practices, prepare and issue notified practices as a guiding document for service provision in healthcare establishments, and inquire and investigate into violation of any of the provisions of the Law by any healthcare facility. Healthcare establishments under IHR Act 2018 are required to get registered with IHRA and implement minimum services delivery standards to acquire license to render health services in the Islamabad Capital Territory.


“Safe and High-Quality Healthcare Services for everyone in the Islamabad Capital Territory.”


“Regulate the provision of healthcare in ICT to ensure high efficiency, safety and effectiveness in delivering health services both in public & private sector.”

Guiding Principles:

  • Equitable access to appropriate and effective health services
  • Good Governance
  • Value for Money
  • Geographical convergence
  • Evidence based interventions