The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA), established under the Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act 2018, has been mandated to regulate the quality of healthcare service delivery in Islamabad. Under Section 21 & 22 of the Act, it is mandatory for all healthcare service providers to apply for registration and licensing of their respective healthcare establishments. According to Section 14 (1) of Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act, 2018.

“No healthcare establishment shall render any healthcare service unless it is registered with the registration board under this act subject to the terms & conditions as a registration board may determine on case-to-case basis at the time of registration and no healthcare establishment shall render any healthcare services for which it is not licensed”.

Accordingly, Healthcare establishments are required to get registered with IHRA and implement quality healthcare service standards to acquire license to render health services in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

How To Apply


IHRA has well defined and transparent process for registration and licensing. Application Form for registration of healthcare establishment can be downloaded from the IHRA website, or can be obtained from Registration & Licensing Directorate, IHRA office, PRCS DMLC building, Suffi Tabbasum Road, Sector H-8/2, Islamabad.

The next step involves the submission of duly filled application form for registration accompanied by prescribed documents and registration fee. Upon submission of this application, HCE is issued a provisional registration (if documents are complete in all respect).

Download Application Form
1Reg Form Indoor FacilityApplication FormDownload
2Reg Form No Indoor FacilityApplication FormDownload