The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA), established under the Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act 2018, has been mandated to regulate the quality of healthcare service delivery in Islamabad. Under Section 21 & 22 of the Act, it is mandatory for all healthcare service providers to apply for registration and licensing of their respective healthcare establishments. According to Section 14 (1) of Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act, 2018.

“No healthcare establishment shall render any healthcare service unless it is registered with the registration board under this act subject to the terms & conditions as a registration board may determine on case-to-case basis at the time of registration and no healthcare establishment shall render any healthcare services for which it is not licensed”.

Accordingly, Healthcare establishments are required to get registered with IHRA and implement quality healthcare service standards to acquire license to render health services in the Islamabad Capital Territory.


Fee Structure

Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority

S. No

Type of Healthcare Establishment

1st-time Enlistment (Rs.)

Yearly Renewal (Rs.)

1 Hospitals
Category I
1.1 a) 300 and above beds  2500 Rs/bed  2500 Rs/bed
1.2 b) 100 to 299 beds  2500 Rs/bed  2500 Rs/bed
1.3 c) 50 to 99 beds                      50,000               50,000
Category II
1.4 a) 31 to 49 beds                      30,000                30,000
1.5 b) 16 to 30 beds                      25,000                25,000
1.6 c) up to 15 beds                      15,000                15,000
1.7 Rehabilitation Center (41 center having 942 beds)  1000 Rs/bed plus Rs.10,000  1000 Rs/bed plus Rs.10,000
2 Diagnostic Laboratories & Cosmetic services
2.1 Cosmetic Surgery / Hair Transplant/ Liposuction Centers / Cosmetic Centers                       50,000                50,000
2.2 Pathology Lab having other facilities like Imaging Center having CT Scan/MRI/Angio/ other advanced facilities                       70,000                 70,000
2.3 Pathology Lab + Imaging Centers                       50,000                 50,000
2.4 Main Lab having Collection Centers                       50,000                 50,000
2.5 Advance Imaging Center including X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI                       50,000                 50,000
2.6 X-Ray / Imaging Center                       30,000                 30,000
2.7 Collection Center                       20,000                 20,000
2.8 Dental Lab                       30,000                 30,000
2.9 Simple Pathology Lab 30,000 30,000
3 Others
3.1 Poly Clinic                        30,000                 30,000
3.2 Dental Clinic (Multiple Chair)                       20,000 per chair                 20,000 per chair
3.3 MCHC/CMWs/Nursing/Maternity Home                        5,000                 5,000
3.4 Single Speciality ClinicFF                        10,000                 10,000
3.5 Hakeem /Matab                         5,000                  5,000
3.6 Homeopathic Clinic                         5,000                  5,000
3.7 Family Physicians/ Single Man (GP) Clinic                          5,000                  5,000
3.8 Dental Clinic (Single Chair)                          20,000                  20,000
3.9 Nutrition Clinic                           15,000                  15,000
4 Physiotherapy Clinic                           15,000                15,000
4.1 Home-based Care services center                           30,000                   30,000
4.2 Tele-Medicines services center                           30,000                   30,000
4.3 Psychology Clinic / Virtual Psychology Clinic                           10,000                   10,000
4.4 Blood Bank                           30,000                   30,000
Variation in pre-registration application (changes in name, address, category)                           10,000
Post registration Variation – any variation in registered HCE                           10,000
Change of registration status (category)                           Full fee of registration
Addition of Services (per service)                            30,000
50 beds and above                           100,000
30 – 50 beds                            50,000
Below 30 beds                            30,000
Change of Professionals/Service Providers                            10,000
Advertisement (Per advertisement for print media)                            20,000
Advertisement (Per advertisement for radio/audio)                           30,000
Advertisement (Per advertisement for Television/Cinema)                           50,000
Price increase in services                           20,000
Miscellaneous Applications (any other application having commercial significance)                           10,000

Note: Fee to be deposited in Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority’ current Account No. 1150420000481 in Askari Bank Limited, Kamran Center Branch, Islamabad.


  • Each page of the application form mut be signed and stamped by the applicant.
  • Incomplete form will not be entertained.
  • Provision of the incorrect information/ document will result in rejection of Application.
  • Return the complete form to Director Registration, PRCS – DMLC Building (2nd Floor) Sufi Tabasum Rod, H-8/2, Islamabad.

(For queries regarding completion of the application, please contact IHRA Ph: 051-9199914 – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

How To Apply

IHRA carries a well-defined and transparent process for registration of Health-care Establishments. To apply for registration of your HCE, you may follow the following steps.


For Online Registration

Visit website or

Sign up and fill the required fields

click on sign in

on Healthcare Dashboard all statuses will be displayed

Fill the application , detail of staff and equipment’s

upload the required documents after properly filled

submit the application  and send the hard copies of all documents to IHRA.

The HCE will be provided provisionally registered Certificate within 15 working days if they meet the criteria.

By Hand Submission of Application for Registration

  • The HCE is required to properly fill out the Application form (Application Form for registration of healthcare establishment can be either downloaded from the IHRA website, or obtained from the Registration & Licensing Directorate, IHRA office, PRCS DMLC building, Sufi Tabasum Road, Sector H-8/2, Islamabad).
  • The Application form shall be submitted with deposited fee receipt, and the required documents to the IHRA’s office.
  • The HCE shall then be assigned a unique code by the IHRA.
  • Scrutiny shall be carried out by the Registration Directorate and subsequently, the letter for missing document or the acceptance of registration application shall be delivered to the HCE, within 14 days of the submission of application.

List of Required Documents

The applicant must submit the following documents, alongside the application form:

  • Copy of CNIC of applicant.
  • Declaration attached with the application form, should be signed and stamped.
  • Affidavit by Healthcare service Provider on Stamp Paper of R. 50/- issued in his/ her name, if the Healthcare Service Provider is not the owner.
  • Appendix A, B, and C of the Application form to be complete.
  • Fee Deposited Receipt (Appendix D of the application form).

Download Application Form
1Reg Form Indoor FacilityApplication FormDownload
2Reg Form No Indoor FacilityApplication FormDownload
4Registration Form for Blood BanksFormDownload
Provisionally registered HCEs List
Sr. # Reg. No.HCE NameHCE TypesAddress
1IHRA-00001Shifa International Hospital Ltd.Hospital Pitras Bukhari Road,H8/4 Islamabad
2IHRA-00002Quaid E Azam International HosptialHospital Golra Morr, Peshawar Road Islamabad
3IHRA-00003Maroof Healthcare Services (Private) LimitedHospital 10th Avenue, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
4IHRA-00004IHS Children & Family HospitalHospital Khurshed Market,Street No.30,F-10/1 Islamabad
5IHRA-00005Al-Razaq Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Walayat Shah Road, Mohalla Farooq Azam Haidery chowk,Jhangi syedan,Islamabad
6IHRA-00006Ali Meer Specialist Dental ClinicGP ClinicFarooq Plaza, Nai Abadi Ali Pur, Lehtrar Road Islamabad
7IHRA-00007Khan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Abu Baker Street,Rehman Town,Jhangi Syedan Islamabad
8IHRA-00008Afaq Homeopathic Health CareHomeopath Bukhar Mor,Tariq Market Lohi Bhair, Islamabad
9IHRA-00011Islamabad Medical & Surgical HospitalHospital Block No. 4,Melody G-6 Markaz Islamabad
10IHRA-00013Waqas ClinicGP ClinicFlat No.1,Spenzr Plaza Waris Road I-9/1 Islamabad
11IHRA-00014Happiness Physiotherapy CentrePhysiotherapistStreet no B-2, Barma town, khana pull, Islamabad
12IHRA-00016Capital Diagnostic Centre (pvt) Ltd.G-8 MarkazLaboratoryPak Media foundation plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
13IHRA-00017Heart & Chest Clinic IslamabadGP ClinicHouse No.52 A/2,Street 54,F-7/4 Islamabad
14IHRA-00018Family Dental AssociationDental ClinicUnit No.8,Gul Plaza,F-10 Markaz Islamabad
15IHRA-00019Alam ClinicGP ClinicLehtrar Road Islamabad
16IHRA-00022HM Diagnostic & ClinicLaboratorybasement no 13&14, CRESENT arcade,G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
17IHRA-00023Park Road PracticeGP ClinicNo. 1, Park Road, F-8/1 Islamabad
18IHRA-00024Family Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sitara Market, Block 3B, G-7, Islamabad
19IHRA-00025Khan Labs & Diagnostic CentreLaboratoryShop No. 4, ground floor, executive complex, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
20IHRA-00028Islamabad Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sitar Hotel Plaza, Sitara Market, G-7 Markaz,Islamabad
21IHRA-00029Dr.Abrar Associates Dental SurgeonGP Clinic6-A,Ismail Zabeeh Road,F-8/3,Islamabad
22IHRA-00030Amanat Eye Hospital IslamabadSingle SpecialityAvqaf Building,Street 61,F-7/4 Islamabad
23IHRA-00031Capital Specialists ClinicGP ClinicFlat no.5, first floor, block 19, Allah dad plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
24IHRA-00032Hashim Medical & Gynae CenterPoly ClinicA-2, Arcade Plaza, Main Road, Ghouri Town Phase 4-A,Islamabad
25IHRA-00033Fazl-e-Rabi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Barma Town, Islamabad
26IHRA-00034All About TeethDental ClinicSuite 12, Karakoram Enclave 2,Main Double Road,F-11/1 Islamabad
27IHRA-00035MEDICSI-OPD-BehriaPoly Clinic67-A, Cresent Road, ground floor, civic centre bharia phase IV, Islamabad
28IHRA-00036Hakeem Amjad MatibHakeemBasement Razzaq Vali,Balaj Plaza No.47,Kuiri Road.
29IHRA-00037MEDICSI-IIHospital 13Y,F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
30IHRA-00038Hamza ClinicGP ClinicBasement Abdullah Bin Masood Masjid, G-9 Markaz Karachi Company Islamabad
31IHRA-00039ORAL CAREDental ClinicHouse No. 227 A, Street No.33, F-10/1, Islamabad
32IHRA-00040Al-tawheed clinic GP ClinicJamia Masjid Al- Tawheed, Street No. 62, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad
33IHRA-00042Sidra Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Flat No TF-16 , Block-C , St -97, G-11/3 , Islamabad
34IHRA-00044Islamic Herbal DawakhanaHakeemMultan sweet market , fateh jand road ,tarnol chowk , Islamabad
35IHRA-00045Jadeed Dehli DawakhanaHakeemNear Masjid touheed & sunnat , Tarnol Bazar , Islamabad
36IHRA-00047Maleeha Maternity Home Maternity HomeHouse # 36 , St # 1, Ghauri town phase-2 , Khanna east , Islamabad
37IHRA-00048Wasif Dawakhana HakeemShaheen plaza , I-10 Markaz , Islamabad
38IHRA-00049Tehzeeb Health Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rehman town , Line # 5 , Jhangi Syedan , Islamabad
39IHRA-00050Rehman Homoeopathic CinicHomeopath Mohallah choudriya pco stop, Bharakahu, Islamabad
40IHRA-00051The Allergy & Asthama Institute GP ClinicNo. 275, Gomal Road, Sector E-7 Islamabad
41IHRA-00053Family medical complex Poly ClinicFMC near Attok oil pump, Golra Darbar,,
42IHRA-00054South East Hospital Hospital Plot no. 343,0-9, Police Foundation Main double road, PWD,
43IHRA-00059Shahid Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Moon Plaza Java road , Rawat , Islamabad
44IHRA-00060Zainab Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Allah Wali Market , Rawat , Islamabad
45IHRA-00062Molars & Incisors Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop # 4 , Jacaranda Club , DHA-2 , Islamabad
46IHRA-00063Matib Hakeem Munir Ahmed QureshiHakeemOpposite police station bhara kahu , islamabad
47IHRA-00064B.F Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop No. 8, Hussain Plaza,G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
48IHRA-00065Sobania DawakhanaHakeembadia rusmat Chowk , G-12 , islamabad
49IHRA-00066The Silver Lining Rehabiitation Centre IslamabadRehabilitation CentreHouse No.2, Street No.4, Block A, Soan Garden Islamabad
50IHRA-00067Life Care International Hospital PVT LTD.Hospital Main Double Road,G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
51IHRA-00069Matab Hakeem Abdual ReheemHakeemBlock 71 , I&T Center G-9/4 , Peshawar mor market , Islamabad
52IHRA-00070Islamabad Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath L-09, Afzal center , I&T center , opposite Islamabad high court , G-10/1 , Islamabad
53IHRA-00071Abbas Hospital Main Bhria Enclave Road New Mul Islamabad Hospital Main Bahria enclave raod , newmul , Islamabad
54IHRA-00072Abbas Hospital Main Murree Road Bhra Kahu IslamabadPoly ClinicMain Murree road bhara kahu , Islamabad
55IHRA-00073Al-Wahab Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath Shop # 9 , St # 4 , bahria enclave road , islamabad
56IHRA-00074Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Collection CentreCollection CentrePlot no.4, Jinnah Avenue, Sector-A, DHA phase-2, near Gate-1, Islamabad
57IHRA-00078Matab Hakeem Syed Ijaz Shah KazmiHakeemRehmania Market , model town , humak , islamabad
58IHRA-00080Abdual Aleem Khan Foundation Free Medical Dispensary No. 9GP ClinicDhok tara main Mallot road , islamabad
59IHRA-00081Al Safiya Medical CenterGP ClinicNear UBL, G-8 Markaz,Islamabad
60IHRA-00082Naseer Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath Village Babre, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
61IHRA-00083Tayyab Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near sarwar medical store , Athal Chowk bhara kahu , Islamabad
62IHRA-00084Specialist Care ClinicGP ClinicMezanine floor , khyber plaza , blue area , Islamabad
63IHRA-00085Khokhar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath 137 Posh Arcade, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
64IHRA-00087U Health International HospitalHospital Kortana Mor, Opposite Gate 4, DHA, Phase 2, Main G.T Road Islamabad
65IHRA-00089Hashmi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath 10-B , Block 4B , Kashif plaza , F-8 Markaz , Islamabad
66IHRA-00090Fatima ClinicGP ClinicHouse # 348 , St # 72 , G-11/2 , Islamabad
67IHRA-00091Manzoor Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Main Murree Riaz plaza , opposite Askari bank , Bhar kahu , Islamabad
68IHRA-00092Skin N Smiles ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersSuit # 2-B , First floor , Bizzon plaza , near Allied Bank , Hilal road , F-11 Markaz , Islamabad
69IHRA-00095Tariq Dawakhana HakeemSangjani , islamabad
70IHRA-00097Al-Shafi Homeopathic MedicareHomeopath Basement -13 , plot # 125 , Fatima plaza , Al Habib market G-7/3-3, Islamabad
71IHRA-00098Dental ProfilesDental Clinic170-B, St # 68, F-10/3 , Islamabad
72IHRA-00099Homoeopathic Family ClinicHomeopath 2/8 I&T Center , G-9/4 , Islamabad
73IHRA-00100The Habib Diagnostic LabLaboratoryE-11 , Golra Shareef ,near Ghosia Mehria Hospiatl , Islamabad
74IHRA-00101Al-Shareef homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Darbar Golra Sharif , E-11, golra , Islamabad
75IHRA-00102Al-Sharif Medical ComplexGP ClinicE-11 , Golra Shareef , Baboo G plaza , Islamabad
76IHRA-00103Healthcare ClinicGP ClinicMain Johad road , Lal market , johad , Islamabad
77IHRA-00105Sadaat ClinicGP ClinicMain Bazar , Jawa Road , Rawat , Islamabad
78IHRA-00106Al-Noor Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Dhoke Bakerry , near Madni Masjid , Nai abadi , PO Box , Bhara kahu , Kot Hathyal , Islamabad
79IHRA-00107Wasif Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Simily Dam road , Bhara kahu , Islamabad
80IHRA-00109Hajra Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Main Athaal Chowk , near Alfalh Bank , wapda street , Bhara Kahu , Islamabad
81IHRA-00111Safia Maternity HomeMaternity HomeHouse # 1486, St # 60 A , F 17/2 , Islamabad
82IHRA-00112Al-Shifa Medical ClinicGP ClinicGhouri town 1, raja naseeb ullah town, abdulllah star, market plaza, islamabad
83IHRA-00113Maryam ClinicGP ClinicSt # 8 , sector 2 , Madina town , khanna Dak , Islamabad
84IHRA-00114Sara ClinicGP ClinicSimily Dam road , Bhara kahu , Islamabad
85IHRA-00115Al-Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Dhok Jilani , Bhara Kahu , islamabad
86IHRA-00116Al-Rehman Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sara e kharboza , tarnol , Islamabad
87IHRA-00118Abid Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Mohallah Al noor , Near punjab cash & carry , bhara kahu , Islamabad
88IHRA-00119Najum-ul-Khaleej Diagnostic CenterLaboratory3rd floor, paris plaza (old telenor) Plot no. 38, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
89IHRA-00120Shaafi International HospitalHospital C-3, Doctor's town, PWD Road, Sector 0-9, Lohi bhir, Islamabad
90IHRA-00121Medicare ClinicGP ClinicLower ground 1&2, main double road, soan arcade, soan garden, Islamabad
91IHRA-00122Life Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Nisar Center ,Pakistan town phase -1 , Islamabad
92IHRA-00124Noble Dental PracticeDental ClinicLG-149 , Down town , Giga Mal , near Punjab Cash & Carry , DHA-2 , Islamaabad
93IHRA-00125Noreen Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Nai Abadi, Bharakahu, Islamabad
94IHRA-00126Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (pvt) Ltd Collection CentreCollection CentreGround Floor, Plaza No. 154,Civic Centre,Phase 4,Bahria Town, Islamabad.
95IHRA-00127Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection CentreShop No. 3, Ground Floor, Plaza No. 42, Commercial Avenue,Sector A,Bharia Enclave, Islamabad
96IHRA-00130Hassan Dental Care Centre Dental Clinic1st floor , Bahria complex civic center , Phase-4 , Bahria town , Islamabad
97IHRA-00131Hassan Dental Care Centre Dental ClinicShop # 2 , K2 plaza , I-9/1 , Islamabad
98IHRA-00132Al-Nasar Lab + Diagnostic CentreCollection Centreplot no 103, shop no. 8&9 golden plaza, fazal-ul- haq road, blue area, islamabad
99IHRA-00133Fatima Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Nai Abadi bhar kahu , Islamabad
100IHRA-00134The Skin Care ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice # 2 , Pak land medical center , plot # 14-X , Lower ground floor , F-8 Markaz , Islamabad
101IHRA-00135Ali Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Madina town , Barma 9 C , Islamabad
102IHRA-00136Al-Wahab Homeopathic Homeopath Street # 2 , Sector-B , Madina town , Jabba , Islamabad
103IHRA-00137Medsol Clinicial LaboratoryLaboratoryShop No. 96, united plaza, fazl-e- haq road, blue area, ground floor, Islamabad
104IHRA-00138Khadim Hussain ClinicGP ClinicGhouri town, VIP Islamabad
105IHRA-00141Islamabad Medicare Specialistes Clinic GP ClinicMain Murree road bhara kahu , Islamabad
106IHRA-00144Homeo Lights Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath 35-B , Liberty Shopping Center , Abpara , Islamabad
107IHRA-00146Abid HospitalHospital 21 E, Huma Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road,Blue Area Islamabad
108IHRA-00147Ali HospitalHospital G-9/1, Plot No.96, I & T Center, Islamabad
109IHRA-00148Rabani Younani Dawakhan HakeemNear Golra Darbar,Suzuki Stand, Islamabad
110IHRA-00151R R DiagnosticsLaboratoryPlot no. 80, street no. 54, G-9/4 I&T Centre, Islamabad
111IHRA-00153Daha Lab and Diagnostics PVT Ltd.LaboratoryUnit no. 1, Block no. 21, Civic center, Shaheed e millat road, G-6, Islamabad
112IHRA-00154DermaplastLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersHassan Arcade,1st Floor, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
113IHRA-00155Oracare Community Dental ClinicDental Clinic111-First Floor, J-7 Mall, D-17/2, Islamabad
114IHRA-00156The Family ClinicGP ClinicUnit No.8,Gul Plaza,F-10 Markaz Islamabad
115IHRA-00157Prime Health Patho-Diagnostic LabsLaboratory1-ALG, Gondal Plaza, A.K Fazal ul Haq Road, Blue Area Islamabad
116IHRA-00158Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreGround Floor,Abdullah Plaza, Near Garden Chowk, Phase 5 Ghouri Town, Islamabad
117IHRA-00159Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection CentrePlot no 15, lower ground, meezan bank, main gate jinnah garden, Islamabad
118IHRA-00160Islamabad Diagnostic Centre(Pvt) LTD Imaging + Collection CenterCollection Centre + Imaging CenterShop no B1, Silver city plaza(basement) G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
119IHRA-00161Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreGround Floor,Plot No 1,Paris Business Centre,Near PSO Pump, Soan Garden, Islamabad.
120IHRA-00163Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterShop No. 1(Basement),Zam Zam Arcade, Near UBL, G-15 Markaz, Islamabad
121IHRA-00164Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging Center + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterPlot No. 3B, Near UBL, G-13, Islamabad
122IHRA-00165Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterCity Square, Gound Floor, Shop No. 1, Block No. 2, Multi Gardan B-17,Islamabad
123IHRA-00166Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Laboratory having CT Scan/MRI/Angio/Other advanced facilitiesMain PWD road, opposite doctors town, Islamabad
124IHRA-00167Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreClassic Centre,Ground Floor D-17 Markaz Islamabad
125IHRA-00168Nawab DawakhanaHakeemBasement Saqib Plaza,Near Lucky Star Restaurant,Lehtrar Road ,Khana Pull,Islamabad
126IHRA-00170Mohsin Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Jawa Road,Rawat ,Islamabad
127IHRA-00171Islamabad Rheumatology Clinic GP ClinicShop No.4, 3rd Floor, Doctor's Plaza,G-8 Markaz Islamabad
128IHRA-00172Institute of Rehabilitation & Drug Addiction (IRADA)Rehabilitation CentreKarim Plaza,First Floor Ghouri Town, Phase 5 , Islamabad
129IHRA-00173Meheria Nasseria DawakhanaHakeemHadri Plaza,Ali Pur Frash, Purna Bank Stop, Lehtrar Road Islamabad
130IHRA-00174Shifa-e-Fatima clinicGP ClinicFlat No.102,Block 33 D,Ibn-e- Sina Road,G-11/3 FGEHF Islamabad
131IHRA-00175Ali Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath House No. 2332, Streer No.35,Phase 2,Frash Town, Islamabad
132IHRA-00178Kousar Health Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Sanam Chowk,Lehtrar Road, Khanna Daak Islamabad
133IHRA-00179Manahil Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Post Office Karal D/C, Shrifabad ,Islamabad
134IHRA-00180Excel LabLaboratoryReshi Building, 110 A.K fazal ul haq road, blue area, Islamabad
135IHRA-00181Mustahsan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shareefabad Road,Koral Town, Islamabad
136IHRA-00182Dental ExcellenceDental ClinicLG-1,Options Arcade,Doctors Housing society, Main PWD Road 0-9, Islamabad
137IHRA-00183Medi Test Lab and Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreShop No.3, 21-E, Huma Plaza, Fazal-e- Haq Road, Blue Area Islamabad
138IHRA-00184Azam DawakhanaHakeemShop No.1,Ground floor, Ahmed Arcade Plaza, Sector 4 C/1,Phase 7, Ghouri Town Islamabad
139IHRA-00185Classical Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath Al- Harmain Plaza, Phase 4-B Garden Chowk,Ghouri Town Islamabad
140IHRA-00186Dr.Iftikhar Ahmed Malik ClinicGP Clinic21-E,Ground Floor, Huma Plaza, Blue Area , Islamabad
141IHRA-00187Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (PVT) LTD. LaboratoryG-6 Markaz, Islamabad.
142IHRA-00188Islamabad Dental ClinicDental ClinicG-10/4, Street No 40 , I & T Center, Islamabad
143IHRA-00191Medikay Cardiac CentreHospital Chak Shahzad,Pak Road Islamabad
144IHRA-00192Riphah International HospitalHospital Opposite Gate No. 7,DHA Phase II, Express Highway Islamabad
145IHRA-00193Mishel Medical& Dental ClinicPoly ClinicHouse No. 707, Street No.82, Sector I-8/4 Islamabad
146IHRA-00194Dr.Arshad Health AssociatesLaboratoryno 20, Street no 1, Sector F-6/3, Islamabad
147IHRA-00197Smile Line Dental PracticeDental ClinicPlot No.3-F,Street No.67, F-10/3 Islamabad
148IHRA-00198Dermalase ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersA-103,Main Sumbal Road, F-10/1 Islamabad
149IHRA-00199Siddiqui Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Park Road Chatta Bakhtawar Kund Ranjgan Islamabad
150IHRA-00200Iqbal Homopathic ClinicHomeopath 22-A,Doctor Plaza,G-9 Markaz Islamabad
151IHRA-00201Capital LabsLaboratory82-East Gulistan House,Fazle-Haq Road Islamabad
152IHRA-00202Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) LTD.Laboratory having CT Scan/MRI/Angio/Other advanced facilitiesMax Health 12 K Markaz Road G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
153IHRA-00203Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (pvt) Ltd Collection CentreCollection CentreHuma Plaza,Near Al-Rehman Masjid,Opposite OGDC Building,Blue Area, Islamabad.
154IHRA-00204Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (pvt) Ltd Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterOpposite abbasi CNG, Bharakahu, Main Murree road, Islamabad
155IHRA-00206Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd Imaging Center + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterMed City, PMC Plaza,Ayub Market,F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
156IHRA-00207Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd Imaging + Collection CentreCollection CentreHouse No. 9,Kaghan Road,F-8/3 , Islamabad.
157IHRA-00208Metrople Laboratories (PVT) Ltd.LaboratoryCrescent Arcade,G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
158IHRA-00209Aziz Medical CentreGP ClinicHouse No. 1, Street No. 16, Sector F-6/3, Islamabad
159IHRA-00210Global Research & Reference LaboratoriesLaboratoryPlot No. 12-C, Mandeer Square, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
160IHRA-00213Musa Lab & ClinicLaboratoryAbdullah Town, Main Murree Road, Bhara Kahu Islamabad
161IHRA-00217Real Time PCR Diagnostic Research Reference LaboratoriesLaboratoryMezzanine Floor, Block-50, Fazal Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad
162IHRA-00220Bio Clinical LabLaboratoryNear Begum Jan Hospital, Lehtarar Road, Ali Pur, Islamabad
163IHRA-00221Crown Diagnostic CentreLaboratoryOffice no. 2, Potohar plaza, Fazl e haq road, Blue Area, Islamabad
164IHRA-00222Medi Test Labs & Diagnostic CentreLaboratoryShop no. 6, khyber plaza, Blue Area, Fazal-e- Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
165IHRA-00226Bhatti HospitalHospital Zakria Plaza, G-9 (M), Islamabad
166IHRA-00228Grace International HospitalHospital Dhok Paracha Stop, Opposite Margalla View Hall, Tarnol, Islamabad
167IHRA-00230Advanced Diagnostic Centre & Labs LaboratoryGeneral apartments D-12, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
168IHRA-00232Dr. Akbar Niazi Teachning HospitalHospital Satra Meel, Main Murree road, bhara kahu, Islamabad
169IHRA-00236Islamabad Specialists Clinic Poly ClinicKiran Plaza, Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz , Islamabad.
170IHRA-00237Al Shaafi MatabHakeemMalti Shop No. 02, Street No. 63, Sector E-11/3 Markaz, Islamabad
171IHRA-00238Islamabad Specialists Clinic Poly ClinicTime Square, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
172IHRA-00240City ClinicGP ClinicGondal Plaza, A.K Fazl-E- Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
173IHRA-00241Al Shifa Dental ClinicDental ClinicKuri Road, Main Pindorian ,Ashraf Town, Islamabad
174IHRA-00242Healthcare Medical Centre/Beacon Clinical LabsLaboratoryBasement UBL, Mushal Plaza, Tramri Chowk, Islamabad
175IHRA-00244Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentrePlot No.4-E, Shoukat Plaza, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
176IHRA-00245Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection Centre + Imaging CenterCollection Centre + Imaging CenterHuma Plaza, Opposite Poly Clinic, Fazl-e- Haq Road, Islamabad
177IHRA-00246Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreCapital Shoping Centre, Opposite Bank Of Punjab, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
178IHRA-00251Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreMehran Plaza, Behind Jamia Masjid Abdullah Bin Masood, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
179IHRA-00252Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreGround Floor Makkah Plaza, PWD Housing Society, Islamabad
180IHRA-00253Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreAklas Plaza,Behind Babri Masjid, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
181IHRA-00254Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreAbbasi Plaza, Opposite Abbasi CNG Station, Main Muree Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
182IHRA-00255Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreShop No. 1, Lower Ground floor, Shalimar Plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
183IHRA-00256Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre LaboratoryCapital Shoping Centre, Next to Ramna Police Station, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
184IHRA-00257Bio Maxx Lab & Diagnostic CentreLaboratoryThe Hospital, Jehlum Road, Near I & T Centre, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
185IHRA-00258The Biogene Medical Laboratories & Research Centre Pvt LtdLaboratoryShop no B-9, United plaza, fazal e haq road, blue area, Islamabad
186IHRA-00259Maryam Memorial HospitalHospital 175, Block D, Civic Center, Phase IV Commercial , Bharia Town, Islamabad
187IHRA-00260Kulsum Inernational Hospital Hospital Kulsum Plaza,Blue Area,Islamabad
188IHRA-00261Medicina International Homeopathic & Chiropractic CenterHomeopath 3 D- Mezban Plaza, PWD Colony Islamabad
189IHRA-00262Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Blue Area LaboratoryPak Pavillion Plaza, Fazal-e- haq road, blue area ,Islamabad
190IHRA-00264Elite Aesthietics GP ClinicOffice No. 4, 2nd Floor, Pakland Square,G-8 Markaz Islamabad
191IHRA-00266Dua Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Main Road Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad
192IHRA-00268Awab Asif ClinicGP ClinicNear Tubewel No 18 Ashraf Town, Pindorian Islamabad
193IHRA-00269HBS Dental HospitalDental ClinicLehtrar Road, Tarlai Islamabad
194IHRA-00272Zayneb Hospital GP Clinic57, Sihala Road,Model Town Humak, Islamabad
195IHRA-00273Mudassar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Main Bazar Siddique Market, Jawa Road Rawat, Islamabad
196IHRA-00275Dr. Shazia Asad ClinicGP ClinicHouse No.10, Street No.2, F-8/3 Islamabad
197IHRA-00276Chohan Eye HospitalHospital Chohan Plaza, First floor, plot 18-B, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
198IHRA-00277Islami Dawakhana Hakeem Rizwan HafeezHakeem1-C/1 Super Market, F-6 Markaz Islamabad
199IHRA-00278Dr. Zafar's Ultrasound ClinicGP Clinic3,Asif Plaza, Fazal-ul-Haq Road,Blue Area Islamabad
200IHRA-00279Subhan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Khana Pull Tarlai Islamabad
201IHRA-00280Aesthetic ArenaLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersShiekh Yasin Arcade, Street No. 63, E-11/3 Markaz Islamabad
202IHRA-00281Capital Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath 22-A,G-9 Markaz Karachi Company, Islamabad
203IHRA-00283Dr. Asif's Ultrasound & x-Ray ClinicGP ClinicRoom No.16 & 18, Block No. 7, Melody Market,G-6 Islamabad
204IHRA-00284Humaira Medical CentreMaternity Home1st Floor, New Makkah Pharmacy, Tramri Chowk, Islamabad
205IHRA-00285Al-Haq DawakhanaHakeemGolra Sharif Near Govt. Animal Hospital Islamabad
206IHRA-00286GCC Diagnostic Centre CSMC pvt ltd.LaboratoryBuilding No. 1-A & 1-B, Street No.6, Ibn-e- Sena Road, G-10/3, Islamabad
207IHRA-00287Global Clinical Care Diagnostic CareLaboratoryOffice No 6-7,Khalid Plaza,38-W,Block A, Jinnah Avenue, G-6/3, Blue Area, Islamabad
208IHRA-00288Bio Path Clinical Lab IslamabadLaboratoryMezzanine 11,96-W, Khyber Plaza, Fazal-e- Haq Road Blue Area Islamabad
209IHRA-00291Al-Habib Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath Usman Town, Jhangi Syedan Islamabad
210IHRA-00292SACHET Community Health ClinicGP ClinicVillage Gagri, Japan Road,Sihala Islamabad
211IHRA-00293SACHET Community Health ClinicGP ClinicVillage Mohra Noor, Banigala Islamabad
212IHRA-00294Saeed DawakhanaHakeemMahala Khana Wala E-11,Golra Sharif Islamabad
213IHRA-00295Jahangir Eye Hospital Hospital Feroz Centre, Mezzanine Floor, Block 14/D, Blue Area Islamabad
214IHRA-00297Max Health HospitalHospital G-8 Markaz Islamabad
215IHRA-00299BCL Care ClinicGP ClinicAsif Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road,Blue Area Islamabad
216IHRA-00300Biocare Labs (pvt) Ltd.LaboratoryAsif Plaza, Fazal-e- Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
217IHRA-00302Pakistan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Park Road, Chatta Bakhtawar, Islamabad
218IHRA-00305Al-Rehman DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 11, Near Maskeen Plaza, Golra Sharif, Islamabad
219IHRA-00306Al-Tueed Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Street no. 67, G-11/2, Islamabad
220IHRA-00309Rashid Ultrasound CentreLaboratoryOffice no.9, Al Babar Centre, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
221IHRA-00311Islamabad Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Street no. 92, Yasir Market, I-10/1 Islamabad
222IHRA-00312Noor Kidney Care HospitalHospital Main Markaz, Multi facilitation office, F-17, Islamabad
223IHRA-00314Excel lab Collection Center Collection CentreCollection CentreF-8 Markaz, Islamabad
224IHRA-00317Excel lab Collection Center Collection CentreCollection CentreG-8 Markaz, Islamabad
225IHRA-00318Excel lab Collection Center Collection CentreShop No. 6-A, Upper Ground Floor, Jhangir Multiolex Plaza, Golra Mor, Islamabad
226IHRA-00319Excel lab Collection Center Collection CentreI-8 Markaz Islamabad
227IHRA-00320Excel lab Collection Center + Imaging CenterPoly ClinicI-10 Markaz, Islamabad
228IHRA-00322Excel lab Collection Center Collection CentreCollection CentreShop No. 1, SMC Plaza, Soan Gargen, Islamabad
229IHRA-00329Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterFECHS Plaza, E-11/2 Islamabad
230IHRA-00330Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Collection CenterCollection CentreNear Shaheen & D.Watson Store,F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.
231IHRA-00331Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreCapital Trade Centre, Adjacent to Paprika,F-10 Markaz Islamabad.
232IHRA-00332Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreKhyber Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad.
233IHRA-00333Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreHouse No.11,Hill Road F 6/2 Islamabad
234IHRA-00334Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterGround Floor,Near Allied Bank,Opposite Suzuki Motors,I-9 Markaz, Islamabad.
235IHRA-00335Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterOffice No.8,Ground Floor,Plot No 35, Ahmed Centre I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
236IHRA-00337Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Corona Lab LaboratoryPakland Square, Ground Floor, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
237IHRA-00338Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreNear Bakeman Bakery, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad.
238IHRA-00340Aqua Shoulder RehabPhysiotherapistOffice no 4, 2nd floor, Executive complex, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
239IHRA-00341Dr. Arshad Health Associates GP ClinicDiplomatic residencia one, 4B, Diplomatic Enclave G-5, Islamabad
240IHRA-00342Shabbir Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ismail Market, Mohala Sultan Nagar, Near Maskeen Plaza, Jhangi Syedan, Islamabad
241IHRA-00343MedOne Health careGP ClinicOffice No.18, City Arcade I-8 Markaz above Subway, Islamabad
242IHRA-00344Ever Smile Dental ClinicDental ClinicDoctors Plaza, Near gate 1, DHA Phase 2, Islamabad
243IHRA-00345Watim Medical and Dental College Hospital T-Chowk, Rawat, Islamabad
244IHRA-00346Naqaish MedicareHospital 3rd floor, Pak land business centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
245IHRA-00347Umar Ali ClinicGP Clinic14/E, I-9 Markaz, Islamabad
246IHRA-00348Umar Ali ClinicGP Clinic1st floor, 14/E, I-9 Markaz, Islamabad
247IHRA-00350Caring House Rehabilitation CentreGhouri Town, VIP, Phase I, Near Khannapull, Islamabad
248IHRA-00354Malik Dental AssociatesDental Clinic18-D, Mushtaq Mansion, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
249IHRA-00356Surgical CentreHospitalHouse no. 543, 11th Avenue, Sector F-10/2, Islamabad
250IHRA-00360Ishaq Eye HospitalHospital 1st floor, Midway One Plaza, Medway commercial, Phase-7, Baharia Town, Islamabad
251IHRA-00362Hanzlah Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath 34/10 Near Tipu Market, G-8/2, Islamabad
252IHRA-00363Rabbani DawakhanaHakeemChand chok, Near Aslam market, G-12, Islamabad
253IHRA-00364Hissam & Associates Dental CareDental ClinicOffice no.4, Mezzanine floor, Beverly center, Jinnah Avenue, F-6/1, Blue Area, Islamabad
254IHRA-00365Sherriff's Homoeopathy Homeopath Paris arcade, E-11/3 Markaz, Islamabad
255IHRA-00367Al-Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Al Yasir Market, I-10/1, Islamabad
256IHRA-00368Bhera Ka Jadeed DawakhanaHakeemOpposite Prograssive School, Fatah Jang Road, Near Banazir Chowk, Tarnol, Islamabad
257IHRA-00369Dr. Inayat Ullah Baig ClinicSingle SpecialityHouse No. 22 H, Street No. 11, F-6/3, Islamabad
258IHRA-00372Abdual Rafy DawakhanaHakeemLehtrar Road, Ali Pur, Islamabad
259IHRA-00373Mukarram Aziz DispensaryGP ClinicShoukat Market, F-12, Islamabad
260IHRA-00375Dr. Muhammad Hanif Samar ClinicGP ClinicHouse No. 1180, Street No 1, G-9/2, Islamabad
261IHRA-00376Shifa International Hospital Poly Clinic3rd Road, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad
262IHRA-00377Al-Kausar ClinicGP ClinicTarnol Pathak, Islamabad
263IHRA-00378The Biogene Medical Laboratories & Research Centre Pvt LtdLaboratoryHall no 3, basement Executive complex,G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
264IHRA-00379Al-Qayyum Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Main Bazar, Bilal Town, Near Khanna Bridge, Islamabad
265IHRA-00380Islamabad Dental HospitalDental ClinicMain Muree Road, Near D-Watson, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
266IHRA-00381Al-Nafees Medical College Hospital IslamabadHospital Lehtrar Road, Farash Town Phase 2, Islamabad
267IHRA-00382Mubbashir Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop No. 05, Eaton Centre II ,G-15/1, Kayaban-e- Kashmir, Islamabad
268IHRA-00383Ghulam Rubani Dawakhana HakeemMohallah Khana Wala, Golra Sharief, Islamabad
269IHRA-00384Mustahsan MatabHakeem17-B, Ahmad Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
270IHRA-00385Qazi Dental PracticsDental ClinicHouse No.4, Street No.3, Sector F-7/3, Islamabad
271IHRA-00387Haroon Medical CentreGP ClinicBhara Kahu, Islamabad
272IHRA-00388Sunny TrustRehabilitation CentreMain Murree Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
273IHRA-00389Ali Medical CentreHospital 3-B, Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
274IHRA-00390HBS General HospitalHospital Lehtrar Road, Nai Abadi, Ali Pur, Islamabad
275IHRA-00391Hair HubLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersGSR Lab, Adjcent Tabbaq, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
276IHRA-00392e-Shifa Siht Pvt LtdGP ClinicShifa International Hospital, Pitras Bukhari Road, H-8/4, Islamabad
277IHRA-00393Gul Child HealthcareGP ClinicJawa Road, Rawat, Islamabad
278IHRA-00394Rejuvenation & Laser ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 7, street no 5, royal avenue, lane 10,chatta bakhtawar, Islamabad
279IHRA-00395Kashmir General HospitalHospital Umar Trade Centre, Fateh Jang Road, Tarnol, Islamabad
280IHRA-00397Rehman LaboratoriesLaboratoryGround Floor, Office Tower, 44- East,Fazal-e- Haq Road Blue Area Islamabad
281IHRA-00398Khaliq Raheem Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Kiani Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
282IHRA-00400Dr. Abdul Basit Health Care ClinicGP Clinic Opposite Saya School, Shah Allah Ditta Road, Maira Akku, Islamabad
283IHRA-00401Al-Ain International Specialist eye HospitalHospital Street No 53, House No. 152, Sector G-10/3 Islamabad
284IHRA-00402Akbar Dawakhana HakeemNear Moeen Garments, Etehad Market, Rawat Islamabad
285IHRA-00405Inqalabi dawakhana HakeemShop No. 4, Irfan Plaza, Service Road, Khana Pull, Islamabad
286IHRA-00406Faiza-e-am Jellani Dwakhana HakeemPost office Karal D/C Islamabad, Town Shrifabad
287IHRA-00408S&S ClinicGP ClinicPlot No. 19, Flat 13, G-8 Markaz Islamabad
288IHRA-00409Talat Medical ComplexPoly ClinicDHA-II,F-14, Next to Giga mall, G.T road, Mid of gate no. 3 & 4, Islamabad
289IHRA-00410Tooth & Teeth Dental ClinicDental ClinicHassan Arcade, Office No. 6, First Floor, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
290IHRA-00411Ashfaq Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Masjid Al- Tauheed, Street No. 62, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad
291IHRA-00412Dar-ul- Shafa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Chowdry Plaza, 17 Mile Stop, Lehtrar Road Islamabad
292IHRA-00413Al Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Jaba Islamabad
293IHRA-00414China Medical CentrePoly ClinicNo. 3, First Floor, Rajan Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
294IHRA-00415Awan DawakhanaHakeemKhan Akbar Road, Near Zia Masjid Islamabad
295IHRA-00416Dr. Ishfaq Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath House No. 28, Street No. 32, Sector F-7/1, Islamabad
296IHRA-00417Gulzar-e-Sehat DawakhanaHakeemOpposite Gormay Bakery, Khana Pull, Islamabad
297IHRA-00418Patrick's Medical CentreGP ClinicShop No. 03 & 2-B, Shad Market, Sector G-8/2 Islamabad
298IHRA-00420Tibbi Unani DawakhanaHakeemGulshan Plaza, Golra Mor Peshawar Road, H-13 Islamabad
299IHRA-00421Al-Reheem Medical CentreGP ClinicDhoke Tami, Near Masjid Farooq-e- Azam Chamber Road, Rawat, Islamabad
300IHRA-00422The Vision CentreSingle SpecialityPlot No. 12 M, Square Plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
301IHRA-00424Al-Malik Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sherzat Market Tarnol, Islamabad
302IHRA-00425Dua Family ClinicGP ClinicHouse No. 1278-A, Street 15 A, NPF,0-9 Scheme, PWD, Islamabad
303IHRA-00427Orthosen Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Clinic no. 9810, Crystal plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
304IHRA-00428Noor Maxillofacial & Dental SurgeryDental ClinicBlock no. 3, Sitara Market, G-7 Markaz, Islamabad
305IHRA-00431Shafe Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath House No.8, Street No. 5, New Shakrail, Zia Masjid, Islamabad
306IHRA-00433Syed Medical CentreGP ClinicNear Street 6, Prince Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
307IHRA-00435Unani MatabHakeem13, First Floor, Capital Trade Center, F-10 Markaz
308IHRA-00436Family ClinicGP ClinicBlock NO 3/B, Hotel Star Plaza, Sitara Market G-7 Markaz, Islamabad
309IHRA-00437Dr. Ashraf's Family Children Health careGP ClinicAli Plaza, Main Jinah Road, Bani Gala, Islamabad
310IHRA-00438Shahid Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop No. 2-C, Kohsar Building, Sitara Market, G-7 Markaz, Islamabad
311IHRA-00440Abbas ClinicGP ClinicShop No.2, Ahmad Plaza, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
312IHRA-00441Shafi MedicareHospital Lehtrar Road, Nai Abadi, Ali Pur, Islamabad
313IHRA-00442Awami Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Office No. 8, Mall 9 Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
314IHRA-00443Aziz Dental & Medical ClinicDental ClinicHouse NO. 10, Street No.32, G-9/1, Islamabad
315IHRA-00445Aayan Health ClinicGP ClinicShop No.1,2 Koshar Cinma Building, G-7 Markaz, Islamabad
316IHRA-00446Al-Fatima ClinicGP ClinicBlock No.04, Muhammadi Plaza, G-6 Markaz, Islamabad
317IHRA-00447Abdullah Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Malik Plaza, Navy Road, Rawat, Islamabad
318IHRA-00448Hashmi DawakhanaHakeemKhan Gali No.1, Near Sulman Sabzi Faroosh, Yasir Market, Tarnol Bhatak, Islamabad
319IHRA-00449Sipra Heart & Medical CentreGP ClinicShop No.22, Basement Shopping Mall - 9 Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
320IHRA-00450ICSI (PVT) LTDHospital First floor,Saudi pak tower, West Blue Area, Islamabad
321IHRA-00451Adnans Dental Clinic Dental ClinicShop no. 9, Flat no. 9, Hill view plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
322IHRA-00453Moeez Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath 3, London Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
323IHRA-00458Ibn's Sena Laboratory & Diagnostic CentreLaboratoryPak pavilion plaza near UBL fazal e haq road blue area islamabad
324IHRA-00460Ali Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Simly dam road , near subh plaza , bhara kahu , islamabad
325IHRA-00461Fatima Dental CareDental ClinicBilal Arcad simily dam road, Baharakahu, Islamabad
326IHRA-00463Chughti Lab Collection Center Collection CentreShop # 13 , executive complex , G-8 markaz , Islamabad
327IHRA-00464Chughti Lab Collection Center Collection CentreShop # 6 , ground floor , plot # 17 , lord trade center F-11 Markaz , Islamabad
328IHRA-00465Chughti Lab Collection Center Collection CentreRoyal center plaza , main blue area fazal e haq road islamabad
329IHRA-00466Chughti Lab Collection Center Collection CentreShop # 10 , ground floor , anique center , I-8 Markaz islamabad
330IHRA-00467Al-Khair DawakhanaHakeemAl Taqwa plaza shop # 9 , pakistan town phase-I , Islamabad
331IHRA-00468Zanobia Robert ClinicGP ClinicMurre road , bhara kahu , islamabad
332IHRA-00469Waqas Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath satra meel , express way , Near bilal mosque , islamabad
333IHRA-00470Save LabLaboratory2163 Tariq Arcade, PWD Double Road, Islamabad
334IHRA-00475Pak HospitalHospital Simli Dam Road, Bilal Arcade, Bhara Kahu Islamabad
335IHRA-00478European Diagnostic Centre pvt LtdLaboratoryOffice no 5, ground floor, kashmir plaza, blue area, Islamabad
336IHRA-00479Hamid Clinic and Maternity HomeMaternity HomeNew shakaryal , house # 7 , Street # 1 , sector-2 , Zia masjid Islamabad
337IHRA-00482Chughtai Lab Vaccination CentreEast 101, Fazal-e- haq road between F-7/G-7, old stock exchange building, Blue Area, Islamabad
338IHRA-00483Shifa ClinicGP Clinicnear Shell petrol pump , T chowk , Rawat , Islamabad
339IHRA-00484Islamic International Dental HospitalDental Clinic7th Avenue G-7/4, Islamabad
340IHRA-00486Asad Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath House No. 159, Street No. 77, E-11/2, Islamabad
341IHRA-00487Al-Shafa Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath Simly dam raod , raja usman plaza bhara kahu islamabad
342IHRA-00488Al-Shafa Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath Purana police station , backside , Rawat ,Islamabad
343IHRA-00489Al-Azeem Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath Atahal chowk , Bhara kahu Islamabad
344IHRA-00490Save LabLaboratoryAslam plaza main murre road Bhara kahu , Islamabad
345IHRA-00491Umar Diabetes Center GP Clinicoffice # 1 , 1st floor exceutive complex G-8 markaz Islamabad
346IHRA-00492Umar Diabetes Center GP ClinicMalik plaza , main murre road , bhara kahu Islamabad
347IHRA-00493Polytest ClinicGP ClinicSimly dam road Bhara kahu , Islamabad
348IHRA-00494City Medi Care LabsLaboratoryNiazi plaza , Gillani stop , opposite HASCOL pump , Bhara kahu Islamabad
349IHRA-00495Bin Raza DawakhanaHakeemFarman plaza pakistan town , phase-I , Islamabad
350IHRA-00496Shafi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sodharan chwok , tarlai , Islamabad
351IHRA-00497Capt R Farhat Maternity HomeMaternity HomeHouse # 1 , St # 4 , Barma chowk , Barma town , Islamabad
352IHRA-00500Raima Maternity HomeMaternity HomeLehtrar road , madina town , sanam chowk , Islamabad
353IHRA-00501Fresh StartRehabilitation CentreHouse 35, Street 14, H block, Soan garden, Islamabad
354IHRA-00502Azam Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Block # 69 . St # 55 , I&T Center , G-9/4, Islamabad
355IHRA-00503Get Well ClinicGP ClinicHouse # 1 , St # 34 , River garden , Islamabad
356IHRA-00504Zobia HospitalHospital plot # 150 , Street # 30 , I&T center G 9/1 Islamabad
357IHRA-00505The Diabetes CentreHospital Phulgran Stop,Near Toll Plaza, Murree Expressway,Bhara Kahu Islamabad
358IHRA-00506Ayesha clinicGP ClinicPervaiz Plaza, G 6 1-1 Islamabad
359IHRA-00507Reliance Diagnostic CenterLaboratory131,132, Block C, Civic Center, Phase 4, Bharia Town, Islamabad
360IHRA-00508Skin, Hair and Nail ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersSaleem Plaza, Opposite OGDCL Bulding, Blue Area Islamabad
361IHRA-00509Child Health ClinicSingle SpecialitySaleem Plaza, Jinnah Avenue Blue Area Islamabad
362IHRA-00510Ali Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath Usman Plaza, Simily Dam Road, Near Budh Bazar Bhara Kahu Islamabad
363IHRA-00511Ansari Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop No. 6 B, Park View Plaza, G-10 Markaz , Islamabad
364IHRA-00513Manzoor ShafakhanaHakeemOpposite Askari Bank Riaz Plaza, Muree Road, Bhara Kahu Islamabad
365IHRA-00514Reliance HospitalHospital 131,132, Block C, Civic Center, Phase 4, Bharia Town, Islamabad
366IHRA-00515Dr. Altaf Shah Ortho ClinicGP ClinicSaleem Plaza, Blue Area, Opposite Poly Clinic Hospital, Near Masjid Al- Rahman, Islamabad
367IHRA-00516Amad Dental ClinicDental ClinicGround Floor, Galaxy Arcade , G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
368IHRA-00517Al Meraj Habib Trust HospitalHospital 13- Spring Valley, Bhara Kahu Islamabad
369IHRA-00518Yashfeen Trust ClinicGP ClinicShop No. 05 & 06, PMC Pakland Builders Plaza, F-8 Markaz Islamabad
370IHRA-00519Family ClinicGP ClinicMilad Chowk, Nai Abbadi, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
371IHRA-00520Family ClinicGP Clinic Rehman Plaza, Main Murree Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
372IHRA-00521Family Dental CareDental ClinicOffice No.2, First Floor, City Arcade Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
373IHRA-00522Al Noor Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Al Noor Flahi Markaz, Rawal Town, Main Market, Islamabad
374IHRA-00523Khalsa Unani DawakhanaHakeemG-11/2, Golra Service Road, Opposite Street No.47, Punjab Aata Chaki, Islamabad
375IHRA-00525Sharif Labs and DiagnosticsLaboratoryOffice No.6, Ground Floor, Feroze Centre, Fazl e Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
376IHRA-00528Rawal General & Dental HospitalHospital Dhak Khanna,Lehthrar Road, Islamabad
377IHRA-00529Advanced Laboratories Pvt Ltd Vaccination CentreShop no. 15, ground floor, crescent arcade plot no 20-C G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
378IHRA-00530Ideal Diagnostic centre Blue AreaLaboratory03- Basement Potohar Plaza, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
379IHRA-00531Institute of Regenerative MedicineHospital 397 Kortana, (Opposite Gate 4, DHA-II) G.T Road, Islamabad
380IHRA-00532Matab Fazl-e- RabiHakeemNear Tubewell No. 12, Burma Town, Khanapull, Islamabad
381IHRA-00534Innovative DentistreeDental ClinicOffice no. 2, Plot 2 E, First floor, Rajan Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
382IHRA-00538Medask Clinical Laboratory Collection Centre Collection CentreSukh Chain Avenue, Near Sector B, DHA 2, Mosque, Islamabad
383IHRA-00539Ibrahim ClinicGP ClinicShop No. 02, Kashif Plaza, Pakistan Town, Phase I, Main Road, Islamabad
384IHRA-00540Ali Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Police Station Koral, Islamabad
385IHRA-00547Umair ClinicGP ClinicMain simily dam road,PTV colony market, shahpur chowk, Bharakahu, Islamabad
386IHRA-00548Fazle Rabi ClinicGP ClinicBarma Town, Khana pul, Islamabad
387IHRA-00549KidzoneGP ClinicPlaza no. 88, Sheikh Zayd Bin Sultan road, Sector H, DHA 2, Islamabad
388IHRA-00550BCL Consultants Clinic Kahuta RoadGP ClinicShaheen plaza, infront of tikka mehal kahuta road, Islamabad
389IHRA-00551Al- Karim Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 2-D, Ground floor, Plot no 2-D, Bazar no.6, Pakeeza market, I-8/4, Islamabad
390IHRA-00553Zaib Gynae & Obs, ClinicsPoly ClinicHouse no. 17, Street no. 8, Block C, Soan Garden (CECHS) Islamabad
391IHRA-00554Nooran ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 3, Hazro Arcade, Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad
392IHRA-00555Crown Diagnostic Centre Collection Centre Collection Centre02 basement dhamyal plaza, Main G.T Road, Rawat, Islamabad
393IHRA-00556Islamabad Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Flat No.14-A,Block 6 A, G-15/4, Jammu Kashmir Housing Society, Islamabad
394IHRA-00557Accurate Diagnostic Center LaboratoryAl Khair plaza street no. 8, opposite jamia masjid abu bakar, G-11/1, Islamabad
395IHRA-00558Noman Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sharifabad Road, Koral, Islamabad
396IHRA-00561Therapy Works Pvt Ltd.Rehabilitation CentrePlaza no. 03, Street No. 25, Firdous Market, Sector F-6/2, Islamabad
397IHRA-00562Mir ClinicGP ClinicAshraf town, main chowk, pindorian Islamabad
398IHRA-00566Qamar Jahan Diagnostic & Research CentreLaboratoryUnit no 1-2, Ginza Center Near Haleem Ghar Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad
399IHRA-00567Specialist Care ClinicPoly Clinic346 Main PWD Road, 0/9 National Police Foundation, Islamabad
400IHRA-00568Baby Medics ClinicPoly ClinicMain double road, F-Block, National Police Foundation Islamabad
401IHRA-00569Mustafa Healthcare ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 712, Street no. 2, Shahzad town, Chack shahzad
402IHRA-00571Al Haj ClinicGP ClinicMain Bazar Sihala Near Railway Station, Islamabad
403IHRA-00572Mardan DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 4, Kamran shopping center, Aabpara Market, Islamabad
404IHRA-00573Niazi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 1( lower ground) wall street plaza, Markaz G-15, Islamabad
405IHRA-00574Khatoon HospitalHospital Plot no. 124, Block F, Sector 0-9, police foundation, main PWD Double road, Islamabad
406IHRA-00575Faiz -e- aam DawakhanaHakeemFateh jung road, Tarnol, Islamabad
407IHRA-00578Life Care ClinicGP Clinicopposite army camp, main col. Amanullah road, Bharakahu, Islamabad
408IHRA-00579Zyaan Medical & Dental CentrePoly ClinicKazz Arcade, G-15, Markaz, Islamabad
409IHRA-00580Al- Hamed Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Union Council Office Sohan, Islamabad
410IHRA-00581Shifa Medical CenterPoly ClinicMain Muree road, opposite CSD, Bharakahu, Islamabad
411IHRA-00582Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreBFH Ground floor, 18 Factory Area, Opposite Golra Mor, Islamabad
412IHRA-00583Al- Shifa Maternity HomeMaternity Home26 number chungi, sher shah suri road, near Kazmeen Plaza
413IHRA-00584Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic & Rehabilitation CentreRehabilitation CentreHouse no. 10, Main park road, near such TV, Chatha Bakhtawar, Islamabad
414IHRA-00585Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic & Rehabilitation CentreRehabilitation CentreHouse no 02, Qasim Avenue new green, banigala Islamabad
415IHRA-00586Rafiq Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath house no 26, north canal road, block -F soan garden islamabad
416IHRA-00587Hayat Rehab ClinicRehabilitation CentreHouse no. 6, bilal street korang road, near azam plaza, imran khan chowk, banigala revenue estate of mohra noor, Islamabad
417IHRA-00588Islamabad Rehab Clinic (IRC) Pvt LtdRehabilitation CentreQasim Avenue, Banigala green, Islamabad
418IHRA-00590Esha Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Pulgran plaza main simly dam road bhara kahu,Islamabad
419IHRA-00591Healthy limbs Rehabilitation CentreJhangi syeda (Syed plaza) sher shah soori road, near daewoo bus stand islamabad
420IHRA-00594Matab Pro. Hakeem Javed IqbalHakeemziarat stop, near iftekhar accademy, Main lehtarar road, khanna pull, islamabad
421IHRA-00595Matab Multan DawakhanaHakeemAqeel Plaza's Street no 2, near madni masjid, chudhary aslam plaza, bilal town, khanna pull islamabad
422IHRA-00596Smart Medical & Diagnostic CentrePoly ClinicOffice no 9 & 10, lower ground floor, crescent arcade behind PSO pump G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
423IHRA-00597Health Care Medical CenterPoly ClinicBilal Arcad simily dam road bharakahu, Islamabad
424IHRA-00599Khalsa Unani DawakhanaHakeemSakhawat Market, G-9/3, Street no. 103, Islamabad
425IHRA-00601Al- Hayat ClinicGP ClinicRajpoot plaza, street no 1, Khayaban-e-faiz H-13/1 Islamabad
426IHRA-00604Rehman Dental ClinicDental ClinicBasement Makkah Plaza, Office no. 10, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
427IHRA-00605Access Laboratories LaboratoryNo. 275, Gomal Road, Sector E-7 Islamabad
428IHRA-00608Ali Ahmad PhysiocarePhysiotherapistSecond floor, bangish plaza, block 13-V, Jinnah super Market, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
429IHRA-00609Islamabad Healthcare ClinicPhysiotherapistExecutive Arcade, D-17 Markaz, Islamabad
430IHRA-00611Healthcare Maternity HomeMaternity HomeShop no. G3, Plot no. 15/2, Main Commercial Block soan garden Islamabad
431IHRA-00622Health Next Diagnostics & Labs (pvt) Limited.LaboratoryUnit number 7 & 8, Chenab Plaza, 104 East, Opposite Ufone Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad
432IHRA-00625Mental Health care HospitalRehabilitation CentreHouse no. 227, main market road, Ghouri town, Phase 3, Islamabad
433IHRA-00626Mind care Rehab CenterRehabilitation CentreGhouri town, Phase 4B, Warraich Plaza, Islamabad
434IHRA-00627Al Mustafa Medical ClinicGP ClinicMain Stop Tarlai Kalan, Islamabad
435IHRA-00628The Biogene Medical ComplexPoly ClinicCommercial unit no. 3A,5A & 6A, first floor and shop no. 6 & 7 ground floor, Block 12-D, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
436IHRA-00629ZA Dental ClinicDental ClinicFirst floor, Islamabad Plaza, Near Attock petrol pump, Fateh Jhang road, Ternol, Islamabad
437IHRA-00630Healthcare Lab & Diagnostic CenterLaboratoryHall no. 1, office no. A3, Ground floor Magnum Arcade, Northern Strip, E-11/2, Islamabad
438IHRA-00631Moon Dental ClinicDental ClinicI-9 Markaz, Islamabad
439IHRA-00633MM HospitalHospitalPlot no 9, Street no 22, I & T Center, G-8/4, Islamabad
440IHRA-00635Dr. Ibraz's Clinic GP ClinicFlat no. 3, Block-2A, Street - 10, I-8/1, Islamabad
441IHRA-00636Islamabad Eye CentreGP Clinic24-D, 3rd floor, Rashid plaza, Blue area, Islamabad
442IHRA-00638Health Home MatabHakeemShop no. 4, Al-Wadood plaza, Mughal Market, I-8/1 Islamabad
443IHRA-00639The HospitalHospitalPlot no. 40, I & T centre, Jehlum road, sector, G-8/4, Islamabad
444IHRA-00642Islamabad Specialist Clinic Poly ClinicGround floor, Huma Plaza, Near Al-Rehman Masjid, Opposite OGDCL Building, Blue area, Islamabad
445IHRA-00643Dental Cosmetics & Implant CentreDental ClinicShop no. B3, Zaki centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
446IHRA-00646Genesis Diagnostic CenterLaboratoryPlot no. 348, Street no. 1, Industrial area, Sector I-9/3, Islamabad
447IHRA-00647Dawakhana Hakeem AzmatHakeemShop no. 3, Bewal plaza G-9 Markaz, Near mezan bank, Islamabad
448IHRA-00649Al Falah HospitalHospitalSangjani Islamabad
449IHRA-00655Omaniya DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 25-26, Jalal arcade markaz, Commercial Pakistan town Phase II, Opposite KIPS academy main, PWD road, Islamabad
450IHRA-00656Hanif Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath office No. 1, vip plaza, first floor, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
451IHRA-00659Rehman Poly ClinicPoly Clinic21, ground floor, pak land city centre I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
452IHRA-00663Shahzain Medical ClinicGP ClinicMadina Colony, House no. 67/2, Street no. 3, Haj complex road, Golra mor, I-14/3 Islamabad
453IHRA-00664Khalil Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Pakiza market, Ishaq plaza, I-8/4 Islamabad
454IHRA-00665Care + Medical CentreSingle Speciality20-C Crescent arcade, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
455IHRA-00666Bhatti Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop Unit no. 1, Makkah plaza, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
456IHRA-00667Life Line ClinicGP ClinicBasement 17-18 mehran plaza, lower ground, karachi company, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
457IHRA-00668Dr. Tasneem Shahab Dental SurgeonDental ClinicOffice no. 15, first floor, executive centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
458IHRA-00669Bioheal Spectrum ClinicGP ClinicOffice no. 1, first floor, Ace uptown 2, Sector E-11/2, Islamabad
459IHRA-00675New Omaniya DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 9, Super plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
460IHRA-00676Care Well LabsLaboratoryRoyal centre office no. 05, Fazal-e-haq road, blue area, Islamabad
461IHRA-00677Family dental clinicDental ClinicShop no. 10 G, Akbar plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
462IHRA-00678Root care dental clinicDental ClinicHouse no. 28, street no. 1, rawat town, Islamabad
463IHRA-00682Noor Maternity ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 1, Gulzar street, Banigalla Islamabad
464IHRA-00684Noor General HospitalHospitalAl-Rehman Mali (Basement) G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
465IHRA-00693Fatima Medical ClinicGP ClinicHouse no.5, Street no. 6, Ali block, H-13/3, Islamabad
466IHRA-00694Tayyab Dental ClinicDental ClinicBasement shop no.6, al-farooq plaza, bahria enclave road(kuri road) Islamabad
467IHRA-00697Metropole Adult Vaccination CentreVaccination CentreShop no. 27, Executive complex, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
468IHRA-00698Dayyan's Family ClinicGP ClinicPlot no. 3-B, Shop no. 6(GF), Qasim arcade, Street no. 122, G-13/4, Islamabad
469IHRA-00700Al-Rehman ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 4, Block-4, Sitara Market, G-7 Markaz, Islamabad
470IHRA-00701Junaid Dental ClinicDental ClinicLehtrar road, old bank stop, Ali pur, Islamabad
471IHRA-00702Perfect Smile Dental ClinicDental Clinic1-A plaza, Flat no. 5, first floor 10th Avenue, F -10 Markaz, Islamabad
472IHRA-00705Skin SmithLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 6, Lord trade centre, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
473IHRA-00706M.A Dental CareDental Clinic2-C, Pakeeza market, I-8/4 ,Islamabad
474IHRA-00707Derm Aesthetic & MediplesLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 4, Al-Abraj Plaza, F-6, Super Market, Islamabad
475IHRA-00708Islamabad Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 09, ground floor, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
476IHRA-00710Al- Latif Dental AssociatesDental ClinicOffice no. 9, Sharjah Plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
477IHRA-00711One Health Medical Services (Pvt) Ltd.GP Clinic1A, Street no. 18, F-7/2, Islamabad
478IHRA-00716Islamabad Homeopathic Health care centreHomeopath House no. 9, street no. 1, gulshan-e-khudadad, Islamabad
479IHRA-00717Omeir Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 14, ground floor, Al-Ghafar mall, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
480IHRA-00718Tooth DesigerDental ClinicBasement no. 4, Bismillah plaza I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
481IHRA-00719Al Rabia Maternity HomeMaternity Home1st floor, dirhan plaza shah pur samli dam road, Bharakahu, Islamabad
482IHRA-00720Jalal Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 12, hill view plaza, main double (sowan) road, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
483IHRA-00725The Diabetes centreGP Clinic13,14, Cresent arcade plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
484IHRA-00726Evon Aesthetic CenterLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 201, AAA plaza, Bella road, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
485IHRA-00729Ismail Dental ClinicDental ClinicAbbasi Market, Shop no. 3, Koral chowk, Islamabad
486IHRA-00730Well Med ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 04, Al-Anayat Shopping mall G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
487IHRA-00731Dr. Ali TherapyPhysiotherapistOffice no. 2, Kiran plaza, Near IDC, Kohistan road, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
488IHRA-00732Dot DentistryDental ClinicCapital trade center, Inside Islamabad Diagnostic centre, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
489IHRA-00733Akbar ClinicGP ClinicFateh jung road, Tarnol, Islamabad
490IHRA-00734Dr. Zahid Pasha ClinicGP ClinicMezzanine 1, omer plaza, 76-W, Jinnah avenue, Blue area, Islamabad
491IHRA-00735Syed Family ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 728, Street no. 71, I-8/3 Islamabad
492IHRA-00736Genix Diagnostic centerLaboratoryFirst floor, Al ameem plaza, lehtrar road, khana pull, Islamabad
493IHRA-00737The Family ClinicGP ClinicOffice no. 8, 3rd floor, Pak land trade center, F-7 markaz, Jinnah Super market, Islamabad
494IHRA-00738Kashmir DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 6, Lower ground floor, capital trade center, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
495IHRA-00739Al Qasim Medical ComplexPoly ClinicOpposite IDH main murree road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
496IHRA-00742Al Faisal Family ClinicGP ClinicFatima plaza, I-10/2, Islamabad
497IHRA-00743Universal Clinical LaboratoriesLaboratoryMain Muree road, First floor, Niazi plaza, opposite Hescol pump, bara kahu, Islamabad
498IHRA-00744Digestive & Liver Disease ClinicGP ClinicFirst floor, sardar arcade, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
499IHRA-00746Azmat ClinicGP ClinicGolra station, E-13, Islamabad
500IHRA-00748Anwar Capital HospitalPoly ClinicStreet no. 108, Sector G-13/1, Islamabad
501IHRA-00749Mahmooda Niaz ClinicGP Clinic13 A Al khayal plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
502IHRA-00754Ghaffar Homeopathic Family ClinicHomeopath Paragon center G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
503IHRA-00755MEDICENTHospital44 Bahria marina, corniche road, Phase 4, Bahria town, Islamabad
504IHRA-00756Islamabad Health care HosptialHospitalBrama town, near chappar hotal, opposite Al- Rehman Enclave, Lethrar road
505IHRA-00757Doctors ClinicGP ClinicAziz Market, Nilore , Islamabad
506IHRA-00758Family medical clinic GP ClinicDhoke kashmiri road, butt plaza, G-12/4, Islamabad
507IHRA-00759Al Rasheed Laboratories Pvt LtdLaboratory1st floor, plot no. 356, block-A, Main double road, PWD national police foundation Islamabad
508IHRA-00760Al- Kausar ClinicGP ClinicSimly dam road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
509IHRA-00761Gulzar Dental ClinicDental ClinicDr. masood warsi wali gali, Rawat, Islamabad
510IHRA-00762Health care Homepathic ClinicHomeopath Bhadana Kalan tarnol, Islamabad
511IHRA-00763Dawakhana Al Saudia Tibbia FoundationHakeemHaji Manzoor plaza, Bus stop, Rawat, Islamabad
512IHRA-00765Matab Hakeem Feroz AhmedHakeemShop no. 2, ground floor, bilal plaza, street no. 26, block 64 & 65, pakistan town, phase 1, Islamabad
513IHRA-00766Abdul Sattar Family HospitalHospitalPindorian road, Razaq valley, behind, Paradise complex, Near PSO pump Highway, Islamabad
514IHRA-00772The Real HealthRehabilitation CentreOffice no. 2, Second floor, Doctor Plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
515IHRA-00773City Clinic Psychiatry Dr. Rizwan TajGP ClinicUnder IDC, lower ground, Doctors plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
516IHRA-00774Imrani Sinyasi DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 8, Ground floor, Malik market, G-12 Islamabad
517IHRA-00775Saba Maternity HomeMaternity HomeAslam market, Mohara abadia,G-12 Islamabad
518IHRA-00776Family Health HospitalHospitalPlot no. 1, Street no. 30, I-10/4, Islamabad
519IHRA-00777Shifa Caring CentreRehabilitation CentreSohan Highway stop, Near Faizabad flyover, Islamabad
520IHRA-00778Dr. Nada's ClinicPoly ClinicHouse no. 161, Street no. 47, F-10/4, Islamabad
521IHRA-00781Community Health Centre SatallaGP ClinicVillage arra, post office kirpa, tehsil & distt, Islamabad
522IHRA-00782Ahsan Saeed Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sector 3-13, Golra road, near Golra railway station, Islamabad
523IHRA-00784Islamabad Social Welfare Association DispensaryGP ClinicHouse no. 452, Street no. 02, F-11/1, Islamabad
524IHRA-00786Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Mehboob plaza,, Sihala bagh, Islamabad
525IHRA-00787Well women's ClinicSingle SpecialityAyesha tower, Street no. 15, E-11/4, Islamabad
526IHRA-00788Ayesha Dental ClinicDental ClinicMain service road, west, infront of House no. 1539, G- 11/2, Islamabad
527IHRA-00789Ayesha Medical ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 957, Golra service Road, G-11/2, Islamabad
528IHRA-00791Sana ClinicGP ClinicIttefaq town, G-12/4, Islamabad
529IHRA-00793Advanced Internation Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.HospitalA/H Building plot no. 12-2G, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
530IHRA-00794Islamabad Health ServicesHospitalCommercial-II, Block -D, Naval Anchorage, Islamabad
531IHRA-00795Al- Badar DawakhanaHakeemIttefaq town, G-12/4, Islamabad
532IHRA-00795Shahida Khaliq Health CentreHospitalPlot no. 14, Street no. 22, G-8/4, Islamabad
533IHRA-00799Royal Specialist HospitalHospitalPlaza 65, Street no. 26 A (Levander road), off G.T Road, Near T-Chowk, Sector H, DHA Phase- II, Islamabad
534IHRA-00800The Rapid Cure (Matab)HakeemShop no. 10, 2nd floor, Union gold mall, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
535IHRA-00801Test Zone Diagnostic Centre Stat Lab IslamabadLaboratoryShop no. 5, SNC Centre, Fazal e Haq Road, Blue area, Islamabad
536IHRA-00803Prof Wajahat AzizGP ClinicSuit no. 105, 1st floor, Khayal plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
537IHRA-00804Prof Haider Shirazi ClinicGP ClinicSuit no. 105, 1st floor, Khayal plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
538IHRA-00805Bite Works Dental CareDental ClinicOffice no. 33, Ground floor, Executive complex, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
539IHRA-00806Cardio Diabetic & Dental ClinicPoly Clinic12-M, Lower ground, Doctors plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
540IHRA-00807Hope Inn- The Child Development & Rehab CentrePhysiotherapistPlot no. 12, Street no. 09, Block C, Soan gardens Islamabad
541IHRA-00808Premium Diagnostic Center (Private) LimitedLaboratory12-A, CBC Centre, Lower ground floor, Sector G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
542IHRA-00809Khan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Dhoke abbasi., Saray Kharboza, Islamabad
543IHRA-00810Abbasi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Dhok Abbasi Tarnol, Islamabad
544IHRA-00811Pure Health LabLaboratoryOffice no. mezzanine 4 ground floor, 106 -W, Royal Center, Fazal-e-haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
545IHRA-00812Azbaa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ground floor, Danyal arcade, SC-2/5, Main soan avenue, Soan Garden ,Islamabad
546IHRA-00814Islamabad Medical ClinicGP ClinicNo. 1, Mehran plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
547IHRA-00815Physiotherapy Plue ClinicPhysiotherapistShop no. 4, Tariq arcade, Opposite citi Lab, Police foundation, main PWD road, Islamabad
548IHRA-00816Iqra Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 5, Tariq arcade, Opposite citi lab, Police foundation, Main PWD road, Islamabad
549IHRA-00817Zubaida ClinicGP ClinicAhmed arcade, Ghouri town, phase 4/A, Near Kalma Chowk, Islamabad
550IHRA-00818The Urban DentistDental ClinicOffice no. 3, First flor, Pakland Medical Centre, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
551IHRA-00819Enfield Royal Clinic Pvt Ltd.Laser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic Centers3rd floor, Ammar Center, Jinnah Super, F-7 Islamabad
552IHRA-00820Al Wadood HospitalHospitalLehtrar road, Thanda pani, Islamabad
553IHRA-00821Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre
Imaging Center
Ground floor, Sah Plaza, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
554IHRA-00822Zeest Onco ConsultantSingle SpecialityOffice no. 4, Doctor plaza, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
555IHRA-00824Zainab Medical Center & LabLaboratoryShop no. 2 & 3, Medicine plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
556IHRA-00825Civic Center Melody ClinicSingle SpecialityRoom no. 6, Block 7, Civic Center Melody, Islamabad
557IHRA-00827Khuzaima Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Banni saran jawa road, Islamabad
558IHRA-00826Aims Tele Health ClinicTelehealth/TelemedicinePlot no. 94, Street no. 4, H-8/1, Islamabad
559IHRA-00828IPRC- Islamabad Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation CenterPhysiotherapist Plaza no. 147, Block D, Phase 4, Civic center, Baharia Town, Islamabad
560IHRA-00832Schwabe Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 11, Jamia masjid Hussnain karemain market, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
561IHRA-00833General Practice ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 28, Ground floor, Executive complex, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
562IHRA-00836Zahid Medical ClinicGP ClinicRawal town, Islamabad
563IHRA-00837Mustafa Medical ClinicGP ClinicBismillah market, Near Punjab Atta Chaki, G-12, Islamabad
564IHRA-00840Advance Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd.LaboratoryExecutive plaza, Lower ground, G-8 markaz, Islamaaad
565IHRA-00844Capital Dental ClinicDental ClinicPlot no. 292, Street no. 5-A, Opposite national hospital, Next to dar-e-arqam school, Rawat service road, rawat, Islamabad
566IHRA-00845Dr. Waqar Eye ClinicSingle SpecialityOffice no. 05, Block 07, First floor, Civic center Medlody, Islamabad
567IHRA-00846La Peau ClinicSingle SpecialityHouse no. 66, Steet no. 35, F-6/1, Islamabad
568IHRA-00847Begum Naseem Kausar Memorial Trust ClinicGP ClinicAl akram plaza, NC-6, Soan garden, Islamabad
569IHRA-00848Dr. Nadia's AestheticsSingle SpecialityNo. 29, 30, Taj mahal plaza, F-10 markaz, Islamabad
570IHRA-00850Restore Skin (SMC Pvt Limited)Poly ClinicCommercial plaza no. 17, Jinnah boulevard west, Sector A, DHA II, Islamabad
571IHRA-00851Ali Dental ClinicDental ClinicHouse no. 45, Street no. 55, Sector G-9/4, Islamabad
572IHRA-00855Hafeez Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shifa medical centre, Bhara Kahu, Islambad
573IHRA-00856Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection Centre Collection Centre
Imaging Center
Ground floor, Al Basit Height, Tarami Chowk, Lehtrar road, Islamabad
574IHRA-00858Skin Aesthetic & Laser ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic Centers3rd floor,Union gold mall, Jinnah super, F-7 markaz, Islamabad
575IHRA-00859Ashraf Khan ClinicPoly ClinicSaray-e-Khurbooza mor, G.T road, Tarnol, Islamabad
576IHRA-00869Trust LabLaboratoryAl qasim plaza, Basement, Opposite Islamabad International Hospital Bhara Kahu, Murree road, Islamabad
577IHRA-00870Alkidmat Raazi HospitalHospitalPlot no. 789, CBR Town, Phase 1, Islamabad
578IHRA-00872Chohan Healthcare ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 5G, 6G, Ground floor, plaza 2 E, Bazar no. 9, G-11/3, Islamabad
579IHRA-00874Capital Health CareLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic Centers1st floor, United plaza, Allah wali market, Street no. 33, F-8/1, Islamabad
580IHRA-00876Dr. Hijrat Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant & Laser ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 5, Second floor, plot no. 12-M (G-8 Square) G-8 markaz, Islamabad
581IHRA-00877J & S Aesthetic CareLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 5, Mezzanine floor, Safdar mansion, Blue area, Islamabad
582IHRA-00878e Shifa Health CenterPoly ClinicMB city mal plaza, Near Bank al falah, Sector I-8 markaz, Main chakar khan road, Islamabad
583IHRA-00879e Shifa Lab Collection CentreCollection CentreCapital trade center, Near Rahat bakers, Sector F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
584IHRA-00880Aesthetic Skin Clinic/ Cough CentrePoly ClinicHouse no. 11 A, Main agha khan road, F-6/3, Islamabad
585IHRA-00881Family Dental ClinicDental ClinicCh. Bostan Plaza, Banigala, Islamabad
586IHRA-00882Family Medical Clinic GP ClinicAwami trade centre G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company, Islamabad
587IHRA-00883Ghulam Fazal Memorial Medical & Dental Care Poly ClinicShahi qila, Road, Rawat, Islamabad
588IHRA-00885Prime Care ClinicPoly ClinicShop no. 12, Basement al anayat mall, G-11 markaz, Islamabad
589IHRA-00888Khyber Dental ClinicDental ClinicFirst floor, kalar syedan plaza, G-9 markaz, Islamabad
590IHRA-00889Capital International HospitalHospitalHussain road, G-12/1, Old kashmir highway Near G-13/4 Park, Islamabad
591IHRA-00890ISB Orthopedic & Spin Clinic (Pvt) Ltd.PhysiotherapistPlot no. 40, I & T Center, Jehlum road, Sector G-8/4, Islamabad
592IHRA-00891e Shifa Lab Collection CenterCollection CentreShop no. 2, Al Qaim plaza, Behind al fazal bakers & sweets, former Chinaar hosptial, Main PWD road, Islamabad
593IHRA-00893Leaf Care ClinicGP ClinicLeaf care pharmacy, Shop no. G-3, G-4, G-6. Ground floor, CPEC Arcade, Plot no. 10, B-1 markaz, Multi gardens, B-17, Islamabad
594IHRA-00894Shalimar ClinicSingle SpecialityGM plaza (Plot no. 18) 2nd floor sector A, Main G.T Road, DHA Phase II, Islamabad
595IHRA-00895Chughtai Lab Collection Center Collection CentrePlot no. 6, Jinnah Boulevard west, Sector A, DHA Phase 2, Islamabad
596IHRA-00896Chughtai Lab Collection Centre + Imaging CenterCollection Centre
Imaging Center
101, Fazal-ul-Haq road, Old stock exchange building, Blue area, Islamabad
597IHRA-00897Chughtai Lab Collection Center Collection CentreShop no. 14, Ground floor, alhameed shopping mall, G-11 markaz, Islamabad
598IHRA-00899Touqir Medical ClinicGP ClinicParadise plaza, G-10 markaz, Islamabad
599IHRA-00900Cure Zone Diagnostic CentreLaboratoryAl karam center, Near sardar begum masjid togi stop, Office 1,2, Barakahu, Islamabad
600IHRA-00901Hafiz DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 17, Ali plaza, G-10 markaz, Islamabad
601IHRA-00904Citi Lab IslamabadLaboratoryGondal plaza, Plot no. 97/E, Sector F-7/G-7, Fazal-e-Haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
602IHRA-00905The Dental Care ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 6, Zam Zam arcade, Near IDC, Bazar no. 2, G-13/1, Market, Street no. 110, Islamabad.
603IHRA-00908Bio Diagnostic CenterPoly ClinicShop no. 1-2,Basement 21-E Huma plaza, Fazal-e-haq road, Islamabad
604IHRA-00910Friends Foundation Family Health Care Maternity HomeMaternity HomeDhoke Jillani, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
605IHRA-0091391 Dental SolutionsDental ClinicShop no. F.19 & F.20 Frist floor, Galleria plaza, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
606IHRA-00916Sarf HospitalHospitalSarf plaza 06-E, Near chenone, F-10 markaz, Islamabad
607IHRA-00917Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection Centre Collection CentreShop no. 17, Ground floor, Executive complex G-8 markaz, Islamabad
608IHRA-00918Shifa Family ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 7, Mehran plaza, G-9 markaz (Karachi Company) Islamabad.
609IHRA-00922Family ClinicGP ClinicFamily Clinic, Near Quetta Hotal, Golra Station, Islamabad
610IHRA-00925Muhammad Farooq ClinicGP ClinicMain Market, Soan garden, Islamabad
611IHRA-00927Shifa ClinicGP ClinicShahabad plazza, Main kiani road, Bharakahu, Islamabad.
612IHRA-00928Qasim Zaman Maternity HomeGP ClinicPlot no. 1, Street no. 12, Golra road, F-13, Islamabad.
613IHRA-00931Iqbal Cardiocare ClinicGP ClinicOffice no. 10, Time square plaza, G-8 markaz, Islamabad.
614IHRA-00932Aisha Mother & Child ClinicPoly ClinicUnit no. 03, Basement, K-2 plaza I-9 markaz, Islamabad.
615IHRA-00934Asif DawakhanaHakeemBilal town, Near chishtia market, Khanna dak, Islamabad.
616IHRA-00935Fatima Molecular Centre & LabLaboratoryShah Allah Dita road, Near Bilal masjid D-13, Islamabad.
617IHRA-00936Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection Centre Collection Centre1-Areej tower, E-11/3, Islamabad.
618IHRA-00940Family ClinicGP ClinicCollege road, Near old police station, Mohula babul madina Rawat, Islamabad.
619IHRA-00941Siddiqui DawakhanaHakeemStreet Shahi qila, Near Lab One Laboratory, Rawat, Islamabad.
620IHRA-00943Al Flah ClinicGP ClinicNiazi Colony, Mullah farooq azam, Tarnol, Islamabad
621IHRA-00945Dental ParlorDental ClinicFlat no. 4, First floor, Street no. 110, Zam zam arcade, G-13/1, Islamabad.
622IHRA-00947Ghulam Mehdi Memorial Hospital HospitalIFCOS, Commercial block, Plot 2 A, Sector D-17, Islamabad.
623IHRA-00950PhysiomedPhysiotherapistShop no. 1 P,P2 Plaza , Pakeeza market, I-8/4, Islamabad.
624IHRA-00951Umer Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Dhok abbassi bazar, Sarai kharboza, Near Tarnol, Islamabad
625IHRA-00952Altmed ClinicsMind & Body ClinicBlock no. 82, Main service road east, NFP, E-11/4, Islamabad
626IHRA-00953Better Smile Dental ClinicDental ClinicFirst floor, Flat no. 2, Omni plaza, MPCHS markaz, E-11/3, Islamabad
627IHRA-00955City Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Usman plaza, Main simily dam road, muslim town, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
628IHRA-00958Shahzeb ClinicGP ClinicMain road, Ittifaq colony, Near islam market, Tarnol, Islamabad
629IHRA-00959Vision Medical ComplexPoly ClinicPindoria chowk, Nazad ashraf town, Islamabad
630IHRA-00960China Beijing HospitalHospitalG-9 markaz, Near Bank al-Habib, Islamabad
631IHRA-00961Hanif Medical Complex (Pvt) Ltd.Poly Clinic20 no. plaza, United arcade, Phase 4-B, Near street no. 8, Main road, Ghouri town, Islamabad
632IHRA-00965Le Lotus ClinicPoly ClinicCrystal heights, Plaza 14 DHA II, Main G.T road, Islamabad
633IHRA-00967Khan Healthcare ClinicGP ClinicMain fateh jang road, Benazir chowk, Islamabad
634IHRA-00968V Care Medical & Dental CenterPoly Clinic1st floor, Plaza 55, Jinnah boulevard sector E, Commercial area, DHA 2, Islamabad
635IHRA-00969AK Dental ClinicDental Clinic1st floor, D. Watson Al aseel plaza, I-10 markaz, Islamabad
636IHRA-00970Zuherbal DawakhanaHakeemHouse no. 27, Street no. 2, VIP Phase, Ghouri Town, Islamabad
637IHRA-00972Kiswa MedicareGP ClinicStreet no. 9, Gulzar-e-machina khayam town, H-13, Islamabad
638IHRA-00973Ahmed Family Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Purani abadi sohan, Islamabad
639IHRA-00980Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreKuri road, 2 vally plaza, Opposite elayoven marque kuri road, Islamabad
640IHRA-00981Sihala Dental CareDental ClinicNear sihala railway pathak P/O Sihala, Islamabad
641IHRA-00983Noor Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Upran ghura mughal milad, Choke PO Box mughal Sihala, Islamabad
642IHRA-00984Dental & Orthodontic SolutionsDental ClinicFarooqia market, Sector F-6/1, Islamabad
643IHRA-00986The Dental ConsultantsDental ClinicOffice no. 8, Block-12 C, Jinnah super market, F-7 markaz, Islamabad
644IHRA-00987Al-Shifa Maternity HomeMaternity HomeHouse no. 39, Margalah view housing society, D-17/2, Islamabad
645IHRA-00988Dr. Asima Sadaf's ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 115 A, Main road, Pak town Phase II, PWD Islamabad
646IHRA-00989Dr. Imran Khan Health Care & ConsultancyGP Clinic3,4 LG Margala shopping center RD C D-17 Islamabad
647IHRA-00991Saleem ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 4, Main bazar Sangjani, Islamabad
648IHRA-00992Saleem Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Bab ustada Sang Jani, Islamabad
649IHRA-00993Surgical & Laser OPD ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersShop no. 7, Crescent plaza, F-10 markaz, Islamabad
650IHRA-00994Hassan Wellness ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersPlot no. 18, Shop no.6, F-7 markaz, Jinnah super market, Islamabad
651IHRA-00995Adan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Pind paria Tarnol, E-16, Islamabad
652IHRA-00996Dr. Saleha Farrukh's ClinicSingle SpecialityOffice no.2, First floor, Usman plaza, D-12, Islamabad
653IHRA-00999Multi Medical CentrePoly ClinicNear MPCHS Site office, Sector b-17, Islamabad
654IHRA-01000Shifa Medical ClinicGP Clinicdrhameed asghar, Main Jawa road,Rawat, Islamabad
655IHRA-01002Madina DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 7, Kamran shopping center, Aapara market, Islamabad
656IHRA-01003Ali Medical ClinicGP ClinicShell pump, Bangleer road, Near ch. Store, Rawat
657IHRA-01004Al Sehat Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath No.6, Pervaiz plaza, G-6/1-1, Islamabad
658IHRA-01005EstheticarePoly ClinicPlaza 4, Behind hardees adjacent to english tea house rana market, F-7/2, Islamabad
659IHRA-01006Asia Memorial ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 2, Street no. 48, G-6/1-1, Islamabad
660IHRA-01007Fatima Hospital HospitalService road, East near koral interchange, Main expressway, Islamabad
661IHRA-01008Tibb ul Islami o al arabi DawakhanaHakeemImran plaza, Upper basement, Opposite attock petrol pump, near omania resturant, Main murree road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
662IHRA-01010Healthcare Clinic & Maternity HomeGP Clinic41/C, Street no. 8, Block C, Pak PWD (ECHS), Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad
663IHRA-01011Mahmood Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 01, Pakistan town, Phase II, Basement PWD Zam zam plaza, Islamabad
664IHRA-01013Khan ClinicGP ClinicGala stop, Darwala, Sihala, Islamabad
665IHRA-01016Al Mahdi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shaheen town, Street no. 1, Main sharifabad road, Islamabad
666IHRA-01018Superior LabsLaboratoryHuma medical complex, Near Silk bank, Main Bahria enclave, Road, Islamabad
667IHRA-01019Dr. Shahzad Khalid's ClinicGP ClinicOffice no. 8, Phantom plaza, Plot no. 373, Block D, N.P.F 0-9, Islamabad
668IHRA-01020Al Rahim Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Pind sangrial, P/O Golra Sharif, Islamabad
669IHRA-01023Shah Medical CarePoly ClinicShop no. 3, Lower ground floor, Usmamia town, Sector E-11/3, Islamabad
670IHRA-01025Aman Poly ClinicsPoly ClinicMain Fateh jhang road, Benazir Chowk, Tarnol, Islamabad
671IHRA-01026Majestic Medicine Revitalizing Center (MMRC)Physiotherapist1st floor, Mir square post office road, G-6, Meloody Markaz, Islamabad
672IHRA-01027Dr. Asim & Associates Dental ClinicDental ClinicOffice no. 14, First floor, Al Baber center, F-8 maraz, Islamabad
673IHRA-01028Madina ClinicGP ClinicIrfan shaheed road, Jhangi Sayedan, Islamabad
674IHRA-01029Madina Advance Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Irfan shaheed road, Jhangi Sayedan, Islamabad
675IHRA-01030Pearl Dental ClinicDental ClinicCentury plaza, G-15 markaz, Islamabad
676IHRA-01031Hashim Welfare ClinicGP ClinicMohala Chodrian, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
677IHRA-01032NK Dental ClinicDental ClinicStreet no.1, House no. 1, traders colony, 17 miles bhara kahu, Near Akbar niazi hospital, Islamabad
678IHRA-01033Kashmir DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 5-6, Kalar syedan plaza, G-9 markaz, Islamabad
679IHRA-01035Muhammad Ghulab Medical CenterGP ClinicElite arcade, Block B, B-17, Islamabad
680IHRA-01036Shifa Health CarePoly ClinicMain double road, D-12/1, Chowk, Islamabad
681IHRA-01039Advanced Medical CenterPoly ClinicHall no. 6A, Lower ground floor, Executive complex, Plot no. 14, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
682IHRA-01041Medcare HospitalGP ClinicMalik fojdar plaza, Near utility store, Pind sangrial, Shah Allah Ditta road, Sector D-13,Islamabad
683IHRA-01042Haider DawakhanaHakeemShah Allah Ditta road, Fazal chowk, D-13, Islamabad
684IHRA-01043Life Science DiagnosticsLaboratoryGF-02, Time square plaza, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
685IHRA-01046Adeel MedicsPoly Clinic52-MC, Garden chowk, Street no. 15, Main boulevard, Phase 4-B, Islamabad
686IHRA-01048The Citilab Collection CentreCollection CentreCapital plaza, Lehtrar road, Khanna pul near rawal general hospital, Islamabad
687IHRA-01049Al-Faizan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shah arcade, Shalimar road, Soan garden, Islamabad
688IHRA-01050The Citilab Collection CentreCollection CentreGround floor, I-8 Markaz, Ahmed center, Islamabad
689IHRA-01051Galyat ClinicGP ClinicBehra pul, CDA road behra sayedan, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
690IHRA-01058Abe Zam Zam Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Chamikani plaza, Abdullah town, Near Safia masjid bhara Kahu, Islamabad
691IHRA-01060Hashmi Health Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 5 & 6, Ali Hussnain shopping center, Ghouri town, Phase 5, Islamabad
692IHRA-01061Dr. Anser & AssociatesDental ClinicOffice no. 5-8, 1st floor, Pakland medical centre, F-8 markaz, Islamabad
693IHRA-01062Care + Medical Clinic GP ClinicFamily plaza, G-15 markaz, Islamabad
694IHRA-01063Natural Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 3, Madina plaza, Pakeeza market, I-8/4, Islamabad
695IHRA-01064Family ClinicGP ClinicPlot no. 55, Gali no. 3, Ashraf town, Pindorian, Islamabad
696IHRA-01066Heal Fast Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Humza arcade, Mian road, Ghouri garden, Near gulzar marriage hall, Islamabad
697IHRA-01067Hafiz ClinicGP ClinicShar Shah Suri road, H-15, Islamabad
698IHRA-01071Islamabad Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 1, Basement, Mehran plaza, G-9 markaz, Islamabad
699IHRA-01077Afsar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ali pur,Old Bank stop, Islamabad
700IHRA-01078Waheed Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Kahuta road, Chakian, Islamabad
701IHRA-01084Al-Aamir ClinicHomeopath Ch-Akhtar market, Link road, Sawan camp, Islamabad
702IHRA-01085Pakistan Surgical CenterHospitalGNZ plaza, Street no. 54, I&T Center, G-9/4, Islamabad
703IHRA-01086Dr. Asim's ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 1, Plot no. 11-D, Captain shareef plaza, Road no. 3, Block D, PWD, Islamabad
704IHRA-01087Aims Tele Health Khan ClinicTelehealth/TelemedicineNear Abbasi hotel, Main bazar bhara Kahu, Islamabad
705IHRA-01088Schwabe Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. G-19, Orakzai plaza, Lehtrar road, Khanna Pul, Islamabad
706IHRA-01090Noor HospitalGP ClinicTarnol, Islamabad
707IHRA-01091Danial ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 14, Raja market, IJP road, Faizabad, I-8/4, Islamabad
708IHRA-01092Awami ClinicGP ClinicMain fateh jang road, Tarnol, Near Dara-e-Arqam school, Islamabad
709IHRA-01093Total Kare Pvt Ltd. Diagnostic & LaboratoriesLaboratoryShop no. 4, lower ground floor, Liberty square plaza, F-11 markaz, Islamabad
710IHRA-01094Fitlive Phsysiotherapy and wellness centerPhysiotherapistShop no.8, Basement, Ahmed Center, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
711IHRA-01095Tooth Care Dental ClinicDental ClinicNear Islamabad Pharmacy, Shop no. 5, Basement, I-9 markaz, Islamabad
712IHRA-01096Iqbal Materntiy & Children HospitalGP ClinicPlot no. 8, F-10 markaz, Islamabad
713IHRA-01097Ahsan Medical CentreGP ClinicShop no. 2, Basement, Jahangir Market, G-9/2, Islamabad
714IHRA-01105Doctor PlacePoly ClinicTramari chowk, Near UBL, Choudhry pharmacy, Basement, Lethrar road, Islamabad
715IHRA-01106Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreGround floor, Al-Qadir Heights, Plots F1&F2, Main Pakistan town road, Islamabad
716IHRA-01108Ali ClinicGP ClinicNew iqbal town p/o sohan, Main services road, Satti plaza, Islamabad
717IHRA-01109Intensive Health ServicesTelehealth/TelemedicineService road east, Near sohan interchange, Islamabad
718IHRA-01111Derma CareLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 1, Plaza no. 34, Civic center, Bahria town, Phase 4, Islamabad
719IHRA-01114Cosmetic Expert ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersMezzanine no. 20 & 21, beverly center, Blue area, Islamabad
720IHRA-01115Excel Labs Collection Centre Collection CentreCollection CentreShop no. 3, Ground floor, City square plaza, Block B, MR-1, Sector B-17, Islamabad
721IHRA-01117Raja ClinicGP ClinicMain bazar sangjani, Islamabad
722IHRA-01119Ah doctors Klinic 18 (SMC-Pvt) Ltd.Laser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersMezzanine floor, beverly centre, Blue area, Islamabad
723IHRA-01120Mawahib Ur Rahman ClinicGP ClinicFlat no. 5, Block-1B, Gali no. 6, Sector I-8/1, Islamabad
724IHRA-01122Junaid MedicareMaternity HomeNew road, Hamza town, Naye abdi, Bhara kahu, Islamabad
725IHRA-01123Amjad ClinicGP ClinicSangjani, Islamabad
726IHRA-01124Grace Medical CentreHospital Lower ground floor, Plot no. 12, Galleria mall, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
727IHRA-01125Al Shifa Dental ClinicDental ClinicModel town, Kahuta road, Near gulzar abbasi hotel, Ghee mill stop, Islamabad
728IHRA-01127Healthbee ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 3, Between shikarpuri sweets and grace PWD road, Near Check post, Islamabad
729IHRA-01128Karachi Medical ClinicGP ClinicAli pur, Lehtrar road, Islamabad
730IHRA-01129The Hospital (Clinic)Laser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersPlot no. 10, Street no. 25A, Firdous market, F-6/2, Islamabad
731IHRA-01130Ayyan Hassan Dental Clinic and Implant CenterDental ClinicRazzaq velly, Bangsh plaza, shop no. 1, Near paradise kurri road, Islamabad
732IHRA-01132Bakhts well being ClinicSingle SpecialityShop no. 7, Street no. 122, Qasim arcade near family pharmacy, G-13/4, Islamabad
733IHRA-01133Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Diagnostic LaboratoryLaboratoryShop no. 7, NHSP Plaza B-83, West fazal e haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
734IHRA-01135Khyber ClinicGP ClinicMain fateh jang road, Tarnol, Islamabad
735IHRA-01137New Hafiz DawakhanaHakeemAli pur farash, Bank stop, Islamabad
736IHRA-01141Abdullah Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ratti kasi safia road, post office tarnol, Islamabad
737IHRA-01144Al Shaafi ClinicGP ClinicNoor pur shahaan bari imam, Islamabad
738IHRA-01145Nayab labs & Diagnostic Centre Collecion CenterCollection CentreShop no. 6, Plot no. 14, Street commercial bahria enclave, Islamabad
739IHRA-01147Superior Labs Collection CenterCollection CentreAl qadir eye hospital, Ghori town, Phase 5, Islamabad
740IHRA-01149Darul Shifa HaderiyaHakeemJawa road, Rawat, Islamabad
741IHRA-01151Maryam's ClinicGp Clinic25-B, Prince road, Simmly dam road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
742IHRA-01152The Dental Care ClinicDental ClinicOffice no. 12, Mezzanine floor, Huma plaza, Fazal e haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
743IHRA-01154Mohsin ClinicGP ClinicJawa road, Rawat, Islamabad
744IHRA-01155Madni DawakhanaHakeemMain rehman chowk, Phase II, Frash town, Islamabad
745IHRA-01164Laraib Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath Tarnol, Pathak, Islamabad
746IHRA-01167Beacon Clinical Lab/Healthcare Medical Center Collection CentreCollection CentreHumaira medical center, Tramri chowk, Islamabad
747IHRA-01172Medsol Clinical LabLaboratoryHuma plaza, Basement 10,11, Opposite Poly Clinic Hospital, China chowk, Blue area, Islamabad
748IHRA-01173Awais Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath 17 Meel, Express way, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
749IHRA-01174Umer Medical ComplexPoly ClinicMain street, Khayam town, Near Sain Mirchu darbar, H-13, Islamabad
750IHRA-01175Al Imdad ClinicGP ClinicSafdar plaza, Abbasi market, I-9/4, Islamabad
751IHRA-01180Fatima Maternity HomeMaternity HomeNew shakrial, Zia masjid, Street no. 4, Islamabad
752IHRA-01181Shakir ClinicGP ClinicEast service road, G-13/4, G-12/1, Islamabad
753IHRA-01183Khalsa Anmol DawakhanaHakeemAthal chowk, Near police station, Simli dam road, Bahara Kahu, Islamabad
754IHRA-01185Rehman Medical CenterPoly ClinicRandhawa plaza, 44 East, Near Reham travels, Fazal e haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
755IHRA-01192The DentistDental ClinicHouse no. 373, Block F, NPF, Islamabad
756IHRA-01198Fazal-e-Shifa Maternity HomeMaternity HomeHouse no. 25, Line II, Amjad karyana store, C/O Union concil, Sohan, Islamabad
757IHRA-01199Healthline Diagnostic ServicesLaboratoryoffice no. 3A, Lower ground floor, Executive complex, Plot no. 14, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
758IHRA-01207Mardan Healthcare Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Tarlai kalan sudra road, Bakhti rawan plaza, Near javid bekri sudra chowk, Islamabad
759IHRA-01208I.I.H.S Dental ClinicDental Clinic741/22, Islamabad Institute of Health Sciences building, Ground floor, Green avenue, park road, Chak shahzad, Islamabad
760IHRA-01209Aesthetic and Reconstructive CentreLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersBasement of excel lab, Pearl arcade, Police foundation, PWD road, Islamabad
761IHRA-01213Jamil ClinicGP ClinicNear abdullah market, Sarai kharboza road, Dhok abbasi, Tarnol, Islamabad
762IHRA-01214Atta Dawakhana Branch 2HakeemMain doke abbasi bazar, Infront of shafi plaza, Sarai kharboza, Islamabad
763IHRA-01222Family Dental ClinicDental ClinicHouse no. 985, Street no. 42, Sector G-15/1, Islamabad
764IHRA-01223DS Dental & Implant StudioDental ClinicBasement of Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, Garden chowk, Phase 5B, Ghouri town, Islamabad
765IHRA-01227Koral HospitalPoly ClinicMain batta road, Koral, Islamabad
766IHRA-01228Smile ZoneDental CentreDental ClinicGhouri mall, Near bank al flah, Kalma chowk, Phase 4, Ghouri town,Islamabad
767IHRA-01230Advanced Medicare ClinicGP ClinicMuhammad Khan plaza, Ground floor, tramri chowk, Near al basit heights, lehtrar road, Islamabad
768IHRA-01240Islamabad Laser and Skin ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersBlock 6, First floor, Faisal market, Sector F-7/1, Islamabad
769IHRA-01242Iqra Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sharifabad road, Koral, Islamabad
770IHRA-01243Khalsa Yunani DawakhanaHakeemStreet no. 03, Sector 02, Near umair baker, New shakrial zia masjid, Islamabad
771IHRA-01246Foundation Dental HospitalDental ClinicDefence avenue, DHA Phase 1, Islamabad
772IHRA-00779Fatima-Tuz- Zohra Medical CentrePoly ClinicPlot no. 13-C, Al Hussain plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
773IHRA-01274TK Family ClinicGP ClinicNo.6, Street no. 63, G-6/4, Near serena hotel, Islamabad
774IHRA-00769Islamabad Rehab and Caring CenterRehabilitation CentreHouse no. 2, Block no. E, Soan garden ,Islamabad
775IHRA-01298Islamabad Centre of Reproductive MedicinesSingle SpecialityNo. 3,4, lower ground floor, G-8 square plaza, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
776IHRA-00884Fatima ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 29, Golra railway station, Near awais medical store, Islamabad
777IHRA-00162Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd.Laboratory having CT Scan/MRI/Angio/Other advanced facilities13-A, Khayal plaza, kohistan road, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
778IHRA-00140Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (PVT) Ltd. Laboratory having CT Scan/MRI/Angio/Other advanced facilities12-M Square, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
779IHRA-01247Dr. Eman's Dental CareDental ClinicPlot no 3, Ground floor, Street no. 7, Phase 5, Bahria town, Islamabad
780IHRA-01195The CitilabLaboratoryAl Khair Plaza (Waqas plaza), A-K Fazal e haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
781IHRA-01302Health Aid + ClinicGP ClinicMagnum arcade, Block B markaz, Multi gardens, B-17, Islamabad
782IHRA-01308Better You ClinicPoly ClinicBasement, Sultan plaza, Sector G, Bahria enclave, Islamabad
783IHRA-01299Zia Dental ConsultantsDental ClinicShop no. 11, Block 7, G-6 melody, Market, Islamabad
784IHRA-01293Future Lab Collection CenterCollection CentreShama height sector G, Bahria Enclave, Islamabad
785IHRA-01294Capital Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. Collection CenterCollection CentreChaudhry marekt, I-9/4, Islamabad
786IHRA-01280Nafeesa Dental ClinicDental ClinicAllahdeen plaza, Near KRL Flates, Jhangi syedan, Peshawar road, Islamabad
787IHRA-01217Nayab Lab & Diagnostic Centre Collection CenterCollection CentreBharia phase 4, Shop no.2, Ground floor, Executive complex, Block D, Civic center, Bharia, Islamabad
788IHRA-00966NeurocareSingle SpecialityClinic no. 4, PMC plaza, F-8 markaz, Islamabad
789IHRA-01140Western Dental ClinicDental ClinicFlat no. 4, First floor, rehmat centre, Near askari bank, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
790IHRA-01353Shah Poly ClinicPoly ClinicSimly dam road, Bhara Kahu, Opposite union concil office, Islamabad
791IHRA-01206Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Lab Collection CentreCollection Center2-Royal centre, 106, West fazal e haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
792IHRA-00498Aziz Medical CentreGP Clinic20, Kahuta road, Model Town, Hummak Z Islamabad
793IHRA-01024New Azher Healthcare ClinicGP ClinicDak abai saree kharboza, Tarnol, Islamabad
794IHRA-01218Nayab Clinic & Collection CenterCollection Centre
GP Clinic
Main service road, Ner afzal naeem electronics, Rawat, Islamabad
795IHRA-01134Standard Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath House no. 21, Street no. 17, G-13/4, Islamabad
796IHRA-01297Mustafa Al Khari Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near ali books, Pindoria market, Islamabad
797IHRA-01236Haseena Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ali pur, New ababi, Madina town, Islamabad
798IHRA-00644Tehmina Care HospitalHospital Baber Plaza, Near post office, Post office, Fateh Jang road, Tarnol, Islamabad
799IHRA-01281UK Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Model vally, Near chanar market, Jhangi seydian, H-15, Islamabad
800IHRA-01258Taqwa DawakhanaHakeemKuri road, Ashraf town, Pandorian, Islamabad
801IHRA-01238Maxodent Dental ClinicDental ClinicNiazi plaza, Opposite to hascol CNG Station, Barakahu, Islamabad
802IHRA-01233Move Max PhysioPhysiotherapistOffice no. 13, First floor, Trade center, F-11 markaz, above ABL Bank, Islamabad
803IHRA-01263Fatima Health ClinicGP ClinicSimly dam road, opposite union council, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
804IHRA-01253Momin Khan DawakhanaHakeemAl toheed plaza, Near ali trust college, Lehtrar road, Khanna dak, Islamabad
805IHRA-01047Urban ClinicGP ClinicGhauri town, Phase 4C/1, Opposite fawara chowk, Islamabad
806IHRA-01257Al Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Khan akbar town, Batta stop, New shakrial, Zia masjid, Islamabad
807IHRA-01277Sehrish Maternity HomeMaternity HomeKhan akbar town, Street no. 3, Islamabad
808IHRA-01318Quest Medical Complex Hospital Unit no. 3,5 & 6, First floor, 12-D, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
809IHRA-01317Quest Medical Complex (Consultant Clinic)Poly ClinicHall no. 3, Basement executive complex, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
810IHRA-01022Numair Medical ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 1, Shamas town, Jhangi sayedan, Islamabad
811IHRA-01196The Citilab Collection Center + Imaging centerCollection Center + Imaging CenterMain PWD road, Police foundation, Islamabad
812IHRA-00830Medicare Welfare ClinicPoly ClinicMain road, Banigala , Islamabad
813IHRA-01179Fayza Dental ClinicDental ClinicMain bazar, Java road, Aziz market road, Rawat, Islamabad
814IHRA-01295Capital Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd. ClinicPoly ClinicChaudhry marekt, I-9/4, Islamabad
815IHRA-01288Bismillah Dental Health care CenterDental ClinicFive star marquee, Near police station, Koral town, Islamabad
816IHRA-01251Khurshid Bhai Chashmay walay eye ClinicSingle SpecialityGhakhar plaza, Simily dam road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
817IHRA-00906Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreLaboratory
Imaging Lab
Ground floor, Decent's home, Diplomatic Enclave, G-5 Islamabad.
818IHRA-00205Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Imaging + Collection CentreCollection Centre + Imaging CenterAwami trade centre, karachi company, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
819IHRA-01304Decent Medical ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 5, Gala stop, Zeeshan plaza, Gulberg greens, Islamabad
820IHRA-01333Dr. Asad Ullah Saif & Associated Dental ClinicDental ClinicBlock A, Main soan avenue, Street no. 3, Soan gardens, Islamabad
821IHRA-01331Shifa Medicare ClinicGP Clinic17 mile near mubaraq madjid, expressway, Bharakahu, Islamabad
822IHRA-01355Al Shafi HospitalHospitalKh no. 672, Moza nothia, Moh. Naseerabad, Islamabad
823IHRA-01348Aesthetic LoungeLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersHouse no. 126, Street no 19, E-11/2, Islamabad
824IHRA-00936Nayab Labs & Diagnostic Centre Collection Centre Collection Center1-Areej tower, E-11/3, Islamabad.
825IHRA-01234Noor HospitalPoly Clinic26 no chonki near attock pump, Islamabad
826IHRA-012523D Health Care & ClinicPoly ClinicMacca plaza, Jhangi syedan, Islamabad
827IHRA-01197The Citilab Collection Center + Imaging centerCollection Centre
Imaging Center
Nai abadi, Main Lehtrar road, Ali Pur, Islamabad
828IHRA-01285Ali Dental Care ClinicDental ClinicMain tramri chowk, Islamabad
829IHRA-01040Al-Samad First aid ClinicGP ClinicSaieh ramzan market, Near Butt iron store, Fazla chowk, Shah Allah Ditta D-13, Islamabad
830IHRA-01211Kiran Maternity HomeMaternity HomeHouse no. 5, Street no. E-6, Irfanabad, Tramri, Islamabad
831IHRA-01289Ali Maternity HomeMaternity HomeStreet 1-A, Near shahi qilla, Ghosia chowk, Rawat, Islamabad
832IHRA-01216Arena Aesthetics (Private) Ltd.Laser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 9, First floor, Pak land square G-8 markaz, Islamabad
833IHRA-01324Al Barkah Medical ClinicGP ClinicBasement sindh bank, Phase 4A, Street no. 4, Ghouri town, Islamabad
834IHRA-01328Khalida ClinicGP ClinicSanam chowk, Pindorian, Islamabad
835IHRA-01182Al Waqas MatabHakeemA9, Sector, G-12, Mera jafar, Islamabad
836IHRA-01232Asia lab and Haematology ClinicLaboratoryHouse no. 405, Street no. 26, G-14/4, Islamabad
837IHRA-01320Ayesha ClinicGP ClinicOpposite muhammadi masjid, Main chatha market, Park road, Islamabad
838IHRA-00274Nishan FoundationRehabilitation CentreHouse No.1, Street No. 9, Bani Gala Islamabad
839IHRA-01057Abu Ayyan MatabHakeemF-10 Markaz, Islamabad
840IHRA-00321Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterPearl Arcade, National Police Foundation Society, Islamabad
841IHRA-01304Decent Medical ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 5, Gala stop, Zeeshan plaza, Gulberg greens, Islamabad
842IHRA-00324Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterF-10 Markaz, Islamabad
843IHRA-00323Excel lab Collection Center + Clinic Poly ClinicG-11 Markaz, Islamabad
844IHRA-01316Alam Medical ClinicGP ClinicSimly dam road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
845IHRA-01330Iqra Medical ClinicGP ClinicImran market, Near umair bakers taxi stand, Zia masjid, New shakril, Islamabad
846IHRA-01343Tarnol Oral and Dental Care ClinicDental ClinicNear tarnol railway station, Tarnol, Islamabad
847IHRA-01327Tawakkal ClinicGP ClinicAslam market, Sector G-12, Mehra abadi, Islamabad
848IHRA-01201Maryam Medical ClinicGP ClinicMain street, Khayam town, H-13, Islamabad
849IHRA-01335Azeem Memorial Health Care ClinicGP ClinicPlot no. 27, Street no. 82, Opposite to radio pakistan, Nawaz kiyani road, I-14/4, Islamabad
850IHRA-01349Urgent Care ClinicGP ClinicJannat arcade shop no. G-1/2, Behind al noor chemist, pakistan town, Phase 02, PWD Islamabad
851IHRA-00371Ho Al Shafi Inqalabi Dawakhana DawakhanaKoral, Islamabad
852IHRA-01347Aleem Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 8, Ground floor, Ahmed plaza, Street no. 17, Pakistan town, Phase 2, Islamabad
853IHRA-01139Maternity HomeMaternity HomeStreet no. 9, Near allah wali masjid, Nawaz, Zia Masjid, Khanna Pul, Islamabad
854IHRA-01325Salman Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Dhoke abbasi, Madni masjid, Sarai kharboza, Tarnol, Islamabad
855IHRA-01322Neelum ClinicGP ClinicAshraf town, Near highway, Kuri road, Pindorian, Islamabad
856IHRA-01310Al Syed Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Bilal town, Chishti market, Street no. 3, Khanna dak, Islamabad
857IHRA-01313Dr. Yasir Medical & ClinicGP ClinicNew shakriyal, Zia masjid, Islamabad
858IHRA-01241Mashallah Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Koral chowk, Sharifabad road, Sada bhai plaza, Islamabad
859IHRA-01357Falak Younini DawakhanaDawakhanaLehtrar road, Near dubai plaza, Khana pull, Islamabad
860IHRA-01362Al Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Madina Mosque, Ittifaq colony, Tarnol, Islamabad
861IHRA-01359Afzal Dental ClinicDental ClinicMain bhatta road, Abassi market, Koral, Islamabad
862IHRA-01341Khan Medical ClinicGP ClinicAl Khalid plaza, Street no. 8, Phase 4-B, Ghouri town, Islamabad
863IHRA-01239Uswa Dental ClinicDental ClinicBarma town, Main bazar 12 number tube well, Islamabad
864IHRA-01270Ali Dental ClinicDental ClinicHouse no. 63, Street no. 1, Main kahuta road, Model town, Humak, Islamabad
865IHRA-01089Virk Homoeopathic ClinicHomeopath House no. 9, Street no. 69, Sector G-13/2, Islamabad
866IHRA-01366Ali Family Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Chistabad, Haji camp, Islamabad
867IHRA-01394Shamim Memorial ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 108, Street no. 63, Sector G-7/2-4, Islamabad
868IHRA-01414Islamabad Dialysis and Nephrocare CentreSingle SpecialityPlot no. 16, I-11/3, Islamabad
869IHRA-01112Derma CareLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 7, Ahmed plaza, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
870IHRA-00352Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterThe Mall, Shop No. 1, Opposite Col. Aman Ullah Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
871IHRA-00315Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterG-15 Markaz, Islamabad
872IHRA-00327Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterTreasures, Diplomatic Enclave, G-5, Islamabad
873IHRA-00339Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterPlaza No.55, Jinnah Bouleward, Sector E, DHA Phase 2, Islamabad
874IHRA-00563Excel Lab Collection Centre Collection CenterCommercial Ave, Sector A Baharia Enclave, Shaheen Chemist, Malot, Islamabad
875IHRA-00128Excel Lab Collection Centre Collection CenterAl- karim plaza, opposite Dr. AQ.Khan, school, phase 5-B, Main ghouri road, ghouri town, islamabad
876IHRA-00325Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterRoyal Suite, Ground Floor, E-11/2, Islamabad
877IHRA-00353Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterShop No.1, Hassan Abbas plaza, Ali Pur, Opposite Shell Petrol Pump, Main Lethrar Road, Islamabad
878IHRA-01176Aman Labs & Diagnostic Centre Laboratory05-A, Mezzanine floor, United Plaza, Blue area, Islamabad
879IHRA-00536Medask Clinical Laboratory Collection Centre + ClinicCollection Center
GP Clinic
Shop # 7 & 8, Alkhair plaza, Fazal e haq road, blue area, Islamabad
880IHRA-00933Future Lab Collection CentreCollection CenterGolra station, Near quetta Hotel, Islamabad.
881IHRA-01136Islamabad Dental ClinicDental ClinicG-6 Markaz, Civic centre, Block 7, Flat no. 2
882IHRA-01363A.M Dental ClinicDental ClinicNear prime cash & carry, Main simly dam road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
883IHRA-00924Happy Life Psychological ServicesRehabilitation CentreStreet no. 5, Phase 5B, Ghouri town, Islamabad
884IHRA-01340Khan Medical ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 8 Bilal town, Near TM CNG, Khanna dak, Islamabad
885IHRA-01150Ali ClinicGP ClinicNear police station, Koral, Islamabad
886IHRA-00704Hashmi Medical & ICSI CentrePoly ClinicPlot no. 29/30, Above Save Mart, G-11 Markaz,Islamabad
887IHRA-00912NY Family Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 30, Athal chowk, Basement bilal arcade, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
888IHRA-00610Zubaida ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. 30, Street no 04, Media lane, Prince road, Bhara kahu, Islamabad
889IHRA-01399Anjum Mujeeb ClinicSingle SpecialityZakria plaza, G-9 markaz, Islamabad
890IHRA-01282Qureshi LabLaboratoryRazzaq colony road, Opposite back gate, Clayoven Marquee, Islamabad
891IHRA-01415Royal Australian Specialist ClinicSingle SpecialityPlaza no. 2, Tipu boulevard sector D, DHA II, Islamabad
892IHRA-01364Junaid Dental CareDental ClinicMain letharar road, Ali pur, Bank stop uturn, Islamabad
893IHRA-01423Suleman Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rafiq plaza, Shop no. 2, Ghouri town, Phase 5-A, F atima uz zohra masjid dua chowk, Islamabad
894IHRA-01306H.E.R and Skills Foundation Welfare GP ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 20, Near gulzare madina mosque, New bokra, Islamabad
895IHRA-01226Asia Dental ClinicDental ClinicMain simly dam roas, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
896IHRA-01101MNSA ClinicGP ClinicNew iqbal town, Service road, Islamabad
897IHRA-00946Excel Labs Imaging + Collection Centre Collection CenterShop no. 02, danial aziz plaza, G.T road, Swan camp, Adj Bharia town (1-6), Main gate, Opposite HBL, Islamabad
898IHRA-01390Khalsa Unani DawakhanaHakeemShgofta marekt, Bilal town, Khana pul, Islamabad
899IHRA-01389Khalsa Unani DawakhanaHakeemAshraf town, Pindorian, Islamabad
900IHRA-01405Dr. Uzma Almas ClinicSingle SpecialityParis tower road, Block E, H-13/3, Near abu bakar heights, Islamabad
901IHRA-01350Dr. Rubina & Associates, The Dental ConsultantsDental ClinicNo. 328, Street no. 67, E-11/3, Islamabad
902IHRA-01015Excel Lab Collection Centre + ClinicPoly ClinicMir square ground floor, Adjacent melody police station, G-6 markaz, Islamabad
903IHRA-00326Excel lab Collection Center Collection CenterNoor Plaza, Taqwa Market, G-9/4, Islamabad
904IHRA-01411Prime Hair Transplant & Skin ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 29-30, Al ghaffar, Second floor, G-11 markaz, Islamabad
905IHRA-01409Canada Orthopedic & Rehabilitation CenterPoly ClinicGround floor, Jahangir multiplex, Adj, Quiad I azam internaitonal Hosital, Golra Morr, Islamabad
906IHRA-01421Baig Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Pindorian bazar ashrafabad, Islamabad
907IHRA-01416Homeopathic Welfare CenterHomeopath Shop no. 100, Posh arcade plaza, G-9 markaz, Islamabad
908IHRA-01404Shahjehan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near bank stop, Street al janat foundation school, Ali pur frash, Islamabad
909IHRA-01406Mardan DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 2, Palaza khyber II, G-15 markaz, Islamabad
910IHRA-01396Amna ClinicGP ClinicLehtrar road, Ali pur bank stop, Islamabad
911IHRA-01410Zahra Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Plot no. IK-1, Shop no. 3, Umer block phase 7, Ghouri town, Islamabad
912IHRA-01392Iqbal Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath B-17 markaz, B block hazroo arcade, Islamabad
913IHRA-01391Al Kousar Matetnity HomeMaternity HomeTarnol phatak, Islamabad
914IHRA-01413Neuface Medical CenterLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 10,11, First floor, Select center, F -11 markaz, Islamabad
915IHRA-01420Bin Raza DawakhanaHakeemKhanim jee plaza, First floor, Dak Khana khas, Tarlai Klan, Islamabad
916IHRA-01387ICSI Pvt Ltd.HospitalPlaza no. 59, 61, Bahria phase 4, Civic center, Islamabad
917IHRA-01414Islamabad Dialysis and Nephrocare CentreSingle SpecialityPlot no. 16, I-11/3, Islamabad
918IHRA-00046National Cure Diagnostics & ClinicLaboratoryNear Fawara chowk, Saudozai plaza, Ghauri town, Phase-4, Islamabad
919IHRA-01264Al Mehar ClinicGP ClinicMaira jaffar, G-12, Islamabad
920IHRA-00689The aga khan university hospital, Laboratory collection centre Collection CentreShop no 9-10, Irfan mansion, Sumbal road, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
921IHRA-00691The aga khan university hospital, Laboratory collection centre Collection CentreShop no. 9&10, Huzaifa centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
922IHRA-00688The aga khan university hospital, Laboratory collection centre Collection CentreShop no. 11, Hameed shopping, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
923IHRA-00687The aga khan university hospital, Laboratory collection centre Collection CentreKamal centre, pakistan town, Phase I, Main PWD road, Islamabad
924IHRA-00690The aga khan university hospital, Laboratory collection centre Collection CentreShop no. 7, ground floor, rata mansion, fazle haq road, Blue area, Islamabad
925IHRA-01271Fatima Tuz Zahra Medical ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 20, Kashif plaza, Ground floor, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
926IHRA-00544Get Well Medical CentreHospital New al hayat plaza, Bela road, G-10 markaz, Islamabad
927IHRA-01426Smile Dental CareDental ClinicOffice no. 2, First floor, Shahnawaz plaza, G-11 markaz, Islamabad
928IHRA-01378Sajjad ClinicGP ClinicMain deptian road, Opposite IMCG, Islamabad
929IHRA-01447Abdullah Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Gulzare madina phase III, Street no 8, H-13, Islamabad
930IHRA-00692The aga khan university hospital, Laboratory collection centre Collection CentreGround floor shop no.5&6, Mahnoor arcade, plot no.8, Services cooperative housing soceity main double road, sector E-11/2, Islamabad
931IHRA-01467Al Shifa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Malahi chowk, Lohi bher, Harn meara road, Islamabad
932IHRA-01395Family Care ClinicGP ClinicKhayaban e faiz, umer block street no. 6, sector H-13, Islamabad
933IHRA-01457EZ ClinicGP ClinicGosia road, Street 14 B, Shezad Plaza, Barma town, Islamabad
934IHRA-01459Saleem Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Zia masjid, New Shakriyal, Islamabad
935IHRA-01314Subhan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Mohala waheed abad, Gurat chowk, Sanam chowk, Islamabad
936IHRA-00942Rawat ClinicGP ClinicNear Shahi qila, G.T road, Rawat, Islamabad
937IHRA-01454City Medical CentrePoly ClinicGhousia plaza, Near allied bank, Main markaz, Sector F-17, Islamabad
938IHRA-01455Royal Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rizwan chowk, Mirchalah stop, Pindeparya, Tarnol, Islamabad
939IHRA-01453Ilyas Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ilyas house, Kharsa no. 363, Mouza nothia, Street no. 1, Main bazar, Gulzar e madina, H-13, Islamabad
940IHRA-01464Maryam ClinicGP ClinicMilad chowk, Banisari, Near post office, Rawat, Islamabad
941IHRA-01446Matib HerblinkHakeemBilal plaza, Phase 5B, Ghouri town, Islamabad
942IHRA-00012Capital Diagnostic Centre (PVT) Ltd. Laboratory
Imaging Lab
Pak Plaza, Opposite poly clinic, Hospital, Blue Area, Islamabad
943IHRA-01393Fatima Dental & Faimly care ClinicDental ClinicHBS Hospital, Street khan plaza, Khadaryr road, ali pur farah, Islamabad
944IHRA-00741Allianz LaboratoryLaboratoryOpposite Islamabad Diagnostic centre, Ghouri town, Phase VII, Islamabad
945IHRA-01225Omnicare Health ClinicGP ClinicAl farooq plaza, Marwa town, Islamabad
946IHRA-01486Dr. Taniya Habib Aesthetic & Detnal PracticePoly ClinicIdrees market, F-10/2, Islamabad
947IHRA-01431Masjid Telemedicine CenterTelehealth/Telemedicine56-b, Nazim uddin road, F-8/4, Islamabad
948IHRA-01484Mediq SMC Private LimitedTelehealth/TelemedicineOffice no. 32,33, Second floor, Pakland city center, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
949IHRA-01483Mobile Dental ClinicDental ClinicHouse no. 21, Street no. 13, Sector E, DHA Phase II, Islamabad
950IHRA-01400Dr. Arshad Health Associates Poly ClinicUnit no. 1, Plot no. 21, GF civic center, Shaheed e millat, G-6, Islamabad
951IHRA-01221Nisar Medical & Rehabilitation CenterPoly ClinicShop no. 16, Ground floor, Executive complex, G-8 markaz, Islamabaed
952IHRA-00154DermaplastLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersHassan Arcade,1st Floor, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
953IHRA-01379Axis Dental ClinicDental ClinicFarash town, Phase 1, Street no. 2, Satra meel, Lahtrar road, Islamabad
954IHRA-01375The Citilab Collection CenterCollection CentreShop no. 32, Ground floor, JF, Mall road E, D-17, Islamabad
955IHRA-01077Afsar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Ali pur,Old Bank stop, Islamabad
956IHRA-01466e Shifa Lab Collection CenterCollection CentreShop no. 7, D Markaz, Opal square gulberg green, Islamabad
957IHRA-00190Gulberg Medical Centre (Private)LimitedHospitalPlot No.30,Streer No 2, Service Road, Gulberg Greens Express way
958IHRA-00740CozmetkaLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersShop no. 14, 26, 27, ground floor, paris plaza, Plot no. 38, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
959IHRA-00914Glow & GoLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersFirst floor, Humayoon arcade, PWD road, Islamabad
960IHRA-008633D Life StyleLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic Centers2nd floor, Union gold mall, College road, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
961IHRA-01110Islamabad Dental Implant ClinicDental Clinic5-B, Capital trade centre, under subway & rahat bakers basement F-10 markaz, Islamabad
962IHRA-01203Greenfield Hosptial of PsychiatryRehabilitation CentreMaple homes, Bani Gala, Islamabad
963IHRA-01434Alam ClinicGP Clinic39, Model town, Humak, Islamabad
964IHRA-01439Amin Dental SurgeryDental ClinicOffice no. 13-A, F/F, Golden plaza, G-11 markaz, Islamabad
965IHRA-01432Tabish Specialist ClinicPoly ClinicFirst floor, G-8 square plaza, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
966IHRA-01204Awab Asif ClinicGP ClinicNear Tube well no. 18, Pindorian ashraf town, Islamabad
967IHRA-01346Rahim Health Care ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 2, Millat colony, Tarnol, Islamabad
968IHRA-01159River Garden HospitalHospital Plot no. 3, Main service road, River garden society,Near Kak Pul, Islamabad Express way, Islamabad
969IHRA-00328Excel lab Collection Center Collection CentreF-11 Markaz, Islamabad
970IHRA-01433The Dental Grace Dental ClinicHouse no. 56, Iqbal avenue, Jinnah Gardens, Islamabad
971IHRA-01380New Axis Dental ClinicDental ClinicSitra meel stop, Lahtrar road, Near Hisco petrol pump, Islamabad
972IHRA-01356Nisar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 16, Ground floor, Executive complex, G-8 markaz, Islamabaed
973IHRA-01441Ali Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Village noon, Near I-16, Islamabad
974IHRA-01440Qamrani Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Street no. F-7, Teramri chowk, Mohallah Irfanabad, Islamabad
975IHRA-01382Sadat ClinicGP ClinicSitra meel stop, Japan dam road, Islamabad
976IHRA-01381New Sadat ClinicGP ClinicFarash town, Phase I, Street no. 16, Satrah meel, Islamabad
977IHRA-01437Health Point Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath House no. 710, Street no. 1, Sector G-9/2, Islamabad
978IHRA-01384Fatima Medical ClinicGP ClinicPlaza no. 30, Main commercial market, Pakistan town, Phase 1, Islamabad
979IHRA-01435Ahmmad Shifa KhanaHakeemQazi chowk, Humak, Islamabad
980IHRA-01429Care Well HospitalHospitalHamza block, Khayaban e haiz, H-13/3, Islamabad
981IHRA-01371Al Barka Dental ClinicDental ClinicBasement, Sindh bank, Ghouri town, Phase 4A, Islamabad
982IHRA-01368Amanullah Darul Shifa ClinicGP ClinicChaki ram bagh, Iqbal town, Madina market, Islamabad
983IHRA-01499Sachet Dental ClinicDental ClinicMohria noor, Banigala, Islamabad
984IHRA-01296Zahir ClinicGP ClinicMohalla sultan nagar near krl school, Jhangi syedan, Islamabad
985IHRA-01491Family ClinicGP ClinicGhosia mehria market, Near Jamia masjid hakeem mureed shah Allah Ditta road, Islamabad
986IHRA-01319Al Shifa Health ClinicGP ClinicPind begwal, Islamabad
987IHRA-01345Al Noor Medical ClinicGP ClinicMadina town, Jabba, Khana dak, Barma town, Islamabad
988IHRA-01045Civic LabsLaboratoryEmman hospital, Near Kalma chowk, Phase 4-A, Main road, Islamabad
989IHRA-01495Pervaiz Health Care ClinicGP ClinicButt market, Shop no. 1, Shah Allah Ditta road, F-12, Islamabad
990IHRA-01065Ultra Care ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 21, G.F ahmed center, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
991IHRA-01323Qamar Ul Islam Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Street no. 03, Avenue 02, Chishtia market, Bilal town, Khanna dak, Islamabad
992IHRA-01403Al Shifa MatabHakeemSMDC office no. 106, First floor, Main double road, Block B, Soan garden, Islamabad
993IHRA-01342M.Shafi Medical ClinicGP ClinicJogiot road, Peer sahaba chowk, Islamabad
994IHRA-01521Hamna Cardiac & Medical CenterSingle SpecialityLower ground floor 7 & 8, Madni square plaza (C-Block), B-17, Islamabad
995IHRA-01200Al Qadir Eye HospitalSingle SpecialityInforne of Allied bank, Main road, Ghauri town, Phase 5, Islamabad
996IHRA-00010Capital Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. Collection Center + Imaging CenterCollection Center + Imaging CenterMehran plaza, Near Masjid abdullah Bin Masood, G-9 Islamabad
997IHRA-00920Temar Diagnostics Collection CenterCollection CentreAdjacent to shell petrol pump, Tramri chowk, Ali pur road, Islamabad
998IHRA-00603Medfer Medical ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 25, ground floor, executive complex G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
999IHRA-01502Zahid Medical Clinic Single SpecialityKhawajgan plaza, Aslam market, G-12, Mehrabadi, Islamabad
1000IHRA-01506Shifa Maternity HomeMaternity HomeMohra road, Serri chowk, Bahra kahu, Islamabad
1001IHRA-01504Fazal Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rajput, Market, I-10/2, Islamabad
1002IHRA-00843Al Falah Lab & DiagnosticsLaboratoryNear Medicare hospital, Main Jinah road, Bani gala, Islamabad
1003IHRA-00956Fertility & Genetics Services (Pvt) Ltd.Single Speciality38-E Zahoor plaza, D-Chowk, Jinnah avenue, Blue area, Islamabad
1004IHRA-01352Medhelp InternationalPoly ClinicGround floor, One expressway, Next to imtiaz, Gulberg greens, Islamabad
1005IHRA-01487Active Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 1, Madina market service road, Bhatti town, Koral, Islamabad
1006IHRA-01336New Shifa ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 3, Chisti market, Bilal town, Khana dak, Islamabad
1007IHRA-01260Al Shifa Trust Eye ClinicSingle Speciality26-D, Kashmir plaza, D Chowk, G-6/3, Jinnah avenue, Blue area, Islamabad
1008IHRA-01256Dental WellnessDental ClinicHouse no. 40 A, Street no. 30, Sector F-8/1, Islamabad
1009IHRA-00991Saleem ClinicGP ClinicShop no. 4, Main bazar Sangjani, Islamabad
1010IHRA-01514Mumtaz Dental & Medical ComplexHospital 26-A, Lavender street, Commercial business avenue, Sector DHA II, Islamabad
1011IHRA-01505Chaudary ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 10, Garden town, Near zia masjid, Islamabad
1012IHRA-01160Gohar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 4, Khan plaza, HBS Street, Ne Abadi Alipur farash, Lehtrar road, Islamabad
1013IHRA-01438Ali Ahmad Health CarePhysiotherapistUnit no.6-9, Ground floor, Akbar arcade, Business square, Block A, BECHS, Gulberg greens, Islamabad
1014IHRA-01511Zubeida Maternity HomeMaternity HomeAl Qaim town, Near muhammad masjid, Islamabad
1015IHRA-01315Emaan Maternity HomeMaternity HomeNear Shaikh general store, Pindorian, Islamabad
1016IHRA-01428Al Noor Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Madina town, Jabba, Khana dak, Barma town, Islamabad
1017IHRA-01528Kazmi Flahi ClinicGP ClinicWaqar market, Bari imam, Islamabad
1018IHRA-01531Insha Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. Lower ground 3,10, Paris business centre, Block A, Main double road, Soan gardens, Islamabad
1019IHRA-01533Health International HospitalHospitalRoad khanna pull, East near TM CNG, Islamabad
1020IHRA-01557Haris Family HosptialHospitalDaood plaza, Near railway crossing shams colony, H-13, Islamabad
1021IHRA-01497Aarib Medical ClinicGP ClinicDhoke awan, Bahria service road, Islamabad
1022IHRA-01488Smile Dental ClinicDental ClinicShaukat Plaza, Flat no. 1, I-10 markaz, Islamabad
1023IHRA-01549Tausif ClinicGP ClinicNear bakman bakery, Inside Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, G-10 markaz, Islamabad
1024IHRA-01551Kashmir Dental SurgeryDental Clinic34- Main service road, Near ghee mill model town, Humak, Islamabad
1025IHRA-01552Umar Dental CareDental ClinicFlat no. 2, Paradise plaza, G-10 MARKAZ, Islamabad
1026IHRA-01561Farooq HealthcareGP ClinicMain fateh jang road, Benazir chowk, Tarnol, Islamabad
1027IHRA-01562Shaheen Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Hassan arcade, F-11 markaz, Islamabad
1028IHRA-01418Zsk Aesthetics & Dental ClinicLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersPlot no. 94, Block B, First floor, City arcade plaza, National police foundation, Sector 0-9, Islamabad
1029IHRA-01482Muhammadi Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near allama iqbal school, Lehtrar road, Ali pur, Punjgran, Islamabad
1030IHRA-00686The aga khan university hospital Collection Center + ClinicPoly ClinicPlot no.1, Sector-E, Main jinnah boulevard, DHA Phase-2, Islamabad
1031IHRA-01565Dr Farhat's Gyne / Obs ClinicSingle SpecialityPlaza no. 33, Westeria road, Doctor town, Giga, DHA II, Islamabad
1032IHRA-01291Afsa Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rasheed market, Main chattha Bakhtawar, Park road, Islamabad
1033IHRA-01284Royal General ClinicGP ClinicF-17 Sector Civic center, Plaza, Islamabad
1034IHRA-01117Raja ClinicGP ClinicMain bazar sangjani, Islamabad
1035IHRA-00613Salma & Kafeel Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd.Hospital38 East zahoor plaza, D-Chowk blue area, Islamabad
1036IHRA-00067Life Care International Hospital Pvt Ltd.HospitalMain Double Road,G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
1037IHRA-01570Dr. Amir's ClinicGP ClinicAdjacent IDC, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
1038IHRA-01555Skin & Aesthetic Clinic by Dr. Lubna ZahirLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersSarran plaza, Street no. 40, Sagheer market, F-10/4, Plot no. 3 H, Bazar no. 5, Islamabad
1039IHRA-01526Noor Clinic & Maternity HomeSingle SpecialityPurana bazar, Near masjid Hasnain karemain, Bari Imam, Islamabad
1040IHRA-01510Al Shifa Family ClinicGP ClinicNavy road, Rawat, Islamabad
1041IHRA-01591International Pain ClinicSingle SpecialityPearl arcade, Excel lab, Basement police foundation, Main PWD road, Islamabad
1042IHRA-00235Jinnah LabsLaboratoryBlock No. 22, Doctor Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
1043IHRA-01611Hashim Maternity HomeMaternity HomeHouse no. 2, Street no. 11, Waris vally, Tarlai, Islamabad
1044IHRA-01608Faiz Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Waris valley, Tarlaee, Islamabad
1045IHRA-01599Tooth Crew ClinicDental ClinicHouse no. 7, Main sumbal road, F-10/3, Islamabad
1046IHRA-01275Sultan Dental ClinicDental ClinicKhan akbar town, Street no. 2, Raja khan market, Zia masjid, Islamabad
1047IHRA-01592Late Dr. Muhammad Akram Memorial Medical ClinicGP Clinicdodocha road, Mughal pari, Near sihala, Islamabad
1048IHRA-01527Moiz Dental ClinicDental ClinicBusiness plaza, Plot no 3-V, Shop no. 5, Sector I-10 markaz, Islamabad
1049IHRA-01500The Citilab Collection CenterCollection CenterZaryat stop, Jhangi seydan, Lathrar road, Islamabad
1050IHRA-01490Ayesha Dental CareDental ClinicShams colony, Street no. 2, H-13, Islamabad
1051IHRA-00938Khattak ClinicGP ClinicBanazir chowk, Fateh jang road, Tarnol, Islamabad.
1052IHRA-01515Minute ClinicPoly ClinicShop no. 3,4, Usman plaza, I-10 markaz, Islamabad
1053IHRA-01517Excel Labs Collection Centre Collection CenterGhousia plaza, Near Allied bank, Main markaz, F-17, Islamabad
1054IHRA-00614Samina Medical CentreHospital Main G.T Road, Near Exceed Pump, Rawat, Islamabad
1055IHRA-01563Darul Shifa Medical ClinicGp ClinicHouse no. 37, Street no. I, Model town, Humak, Islamabad
1056IHRA-01585Madni Jabraeel ClinicGP ClinicGround floor, Abdul jabbar plaza, Near Main bazar sohan, Islamabad
1057IHRA-00546Ghouri Dental ClinicDental ClinicOpposite Union Council, Chatta Plaza, Simily Dam road, Bharakahu, Islamabad
1058IHRA-01582Bilal Dental LoungeDental ClinicHouse no. 3, Street no. Iqbal avenue, Jinnah garden, Phase I, Islamabad
1059IHRA-01543Venus AestheticsLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic Centers13-K Moiz center, Bhittai road, F-7 markaz, Islmabad
1060IHRA-01580Ali Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 2, Near quba masjid, Phase II, Shaheen town, Islamabad
1061IHRA-01581Taj Meena Medical ClinicGP ClinicTayyab plaza, First floor, Main murree expressway, 17 meel, Islamabad
1062IHRA-01590Dental StudioDental Clinic1 Ground floor, Skyline arcade, CBR Town, Phase I, Islamabad
1063IHRA-01078Waheed Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Kahuta road, Chakian, Islamabad
1064IHRA-01583PsycharePsychological ClinicOffice no. 1, First floor, Time square plaza, G-8 markaz, Islamabad
1065IHRA-01614Excel Labs Collection Centre Collection CenterShop no. 6, Ground floor, Al farooq plaz,a G-10 markaz, Islamabad
1066IHRA-01509Fauji Dental ClinicDental ClinicAl Abbas plaza/market, Rawat, Islamabad
1067IHRA-01618Twincity Dental ClinicDental ClinicShop no. 4, Plot no. 2 A, Street no. 108, Bazar no. 2, Sector G-13/4, Islamabad
1068IHRA-01615Temar Diagnostics Collection CenterCollection CenterSoan avenue, Main markaz, Block D, Near Allied bank, Safeway pharmacy & Cosmetics, Soan Gardens, Islamabad
1069IHRA-00589The New Life Rehab center & PsychatricRehabilitation CentreHouse no. 107, Street no. 22, pakistan town, Phase 2, Islamabad
1070IHRA-00862True Dental Care Dental ClinicPak land business center, Shop Lg-9, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
1071IHRA-01492Saif Medical Health Care ClinicGP ClinicIslam market, Itefaq colony, Tarnol, Islamabad
1072IHRA-01430Premium International Hospital Pvt. Limited.Poly ClinicLower ground floor, Plot no. 12-C/1,G-8 markaz, Islamabad
1073IHRA-01498Dr. Sobia ClinicSingle SpecialityPlat no. 25, Street no. 17, Block C, Pwd ,Islamabad
1074IHRA-01573Shakeel Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 26/1, Street no. 10, Garden town, New shakrial, Islamabad
1075IHRA-00176Safe Care Trust International Rehabilitation Centre Rehabilitation CentreMain Motorway Chowk,Near Al Mazeen College Islamabad
1076IHRA-01622Bismillah Homeopathy ClinicHomeopath Ari syeda, Dhak po, Sindhu syeda, House no. 38, Islamabad
1077IHRA-01636Smile WorksDental Clinic5-B, Lower ground aghaz plaza, F-8 markaz, Islamabad
1078IHRA-01169Chughtai Lab Collection CenterCollection CenterMulti gardens housing society, Multi medical center, Sector B-17, Islamabad
1079IHRA-01634Khalsa Herbal DawakhanaHakeemShop no. 12, Musarat arcade,G-11 markaz, Islamabad
1080IHRA-01625Amir Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rahat chowk, Jhangi syedan, Islamabad
1081IHRA-01613Excel Labs Collection Centre Collection CenterPlot no. 149, G-13/4, Punjab market, Islamabad
1082IHRA-01496Al Shifa Clinic GP ClinicNadar town, Sangjani, Islamabad
1083IHRA-01621Babar Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Shop no. 4, Madani plaza, Jagiot road, Ali pur, Islamabad
1084IHRA-01612Orchard Children's ClinicGP ClinicMain markaz, Margalla town, Phase I, Islamabad
1085IHRA-00670Biocare Labs (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreHouse no. 52, Street no. 54, Sector F-7/4, Islamabad
1086IHRA-01604Hassan Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Rehman plaza, Taramri chowk, Islamabad
1087IHRA-00652Biocare lab (Pvt) Ltd. Collection Centre Collection CentreSatti Arcade, lehtrar road, Khanna Dak, Islamabad
1088IHRA-00650Biocare lab (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection CentreThe Family clinic F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
1089IHRA-01637Biocare Labs Collection CenterCollection CenterNear Al qasim medical Complex, Main murree road, Bharakahu, Islamabad
1090IHRA-01596Fawad Zakori Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Near Multan sweets & bakers, C/O Tahir pharmacy, Main tarnol phatak, Islamabad
1091IHRA-01617Bahria Town International Hospital, Bahria Enclave Healthcare CenterHospitalSector A, Bahria enclave, Kuri road, Islamabad
1092IHRA-01542Ali General HospitalPoly ClinicMain Muree road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad
1093IHRA-01641Khyber Medical ClinicSingle SpecialityKalar syedan plaza, G-9 markaz, Islamabad
1094IHRA-01642Health Care Medical ClinicGP ClinicWater works road, Bherapul, Bharakahu, Islamabad
1095IHRA-01640Lady Health CareGP ClinicHouse no. 24-A, Street no. 62, Jinnah garden, Islamabad
1096IHRA-01597Islamabad Specialist ClinicSingle SpecialityPlot no. 154, Civic center, Phase IV, Bahria town, Islamabad
1097IHRA-00963Zainab Medical & Dental ClinicDental Clinic786 A/Block C, Main PWD road, Islamabad
1098IHRA-01568Haider Ali ClinicGP ClinicGhouri town, Phase VII, Four C-II, Islamabad
1099IHRA-01480Medicsi LabsLaboratoryPlaza no. 67 A, Ground floor, Crescent road, Civic centre, PhASE 4, Bahria town, Islamabad
1100IHRA-01544Kulsum International Hospital Blood BankBlood Bank2020 kulsum plaza, Blue area, Islamabad
1101IHRA-01516SW SkintheticsLaser Clinic/ Cosmetic Surgery /Hair Transplant/ Laser/ Liposuction Centers/ Cosmetic CentersOffice no. 12,13,14,15, Fantom Mall, Third floor, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
1102IHRA-00842Al Rehman ClinicGP ClinicDok doudiya 17 mile, Express way phulgran, Islamabad
1103IHRA-00641Emaan Clinic (Rehabilitation Center)Rehabilitation CentreHouse no. 270, Street no 1, Block-A, PWD, Housing society, Islamabad
1104IHRA-01694Gulberg ClinicGP ClinicHouse no. I-C, C-block, Main double road, Gulberg, D-markaz, Islamabad
1105IHRA-01161Islamabad International Al Jannat HospitalPoly ClinicC-38, Ghauri town, Phase V, Islamabad
1106IHRA-01683Shahzeb Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Main road, Itifaq colony, Near Islam market, Tarnol, Islamabad
1107IHRA-01680Life Medicare CenterPoly ClinicLower ground floor, Green heights, D markaz, Gulberg green, Islamabad
1108IHRA-01172The Medsol Medical LaboratoryLaboratoryHuma plaza, Basement 10,11, Opposite Poly Clinic Hospital, China chowk, Blue area, Islamabad
1109IHRA-01665Islam Eyecentre & MedicareSingle SpecialityPakland city centre, I-8 markaz, Islamabad
1110IHRA-01690Dr. Hira's Dental CareDental ClinicClinic no. 8,9, Lower ground floor, Ascon heights, Soan garden, Soan avenue, Islamabad
1111IHRA-01688Haseeb Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath sodhran chowk, Near avon school, Ghouri town, Phase VII, Islamabad
1112IHRA-01645Arshad Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath House no. 5, Street no. B9, Gera road, Barma town, Islamabad
1113IHRA-01237Bolan Medicare ClinicGP ClinicShafeeq plaza, Gull town, Seri chowk, Islamabad
1114IHRA-01648Hanan Shafay Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath Sanam chowk, Link road, Shop no. 3, Street no. 3, Madina town, Opposite Karachi hotal, Near Noor e mustafa masjid, Islamabad
1115IHRA-01656Al Rehman ClinicGP ClinicStreet no. 6, Bilal town, Khana dak, Islamabad
1116IHRA-01624New Leaf Rehab CenterRehablitation CenterMain sarfaraz town, House no. 1, Street no. 6, Tarlai, Islamabad
1117IHRA-01550Smile Resort Dental ClinicDental ClinicChaudary plaza, Main double road, F-block, National Police foundation, Islamabad
1118IHRA-00651Biocare lab (Pvt) Ltd. Collection CentreCollection Centresamina Medical Center, G.T Road, Rawat, Islamabad
1119IHRA-01658Biocare Labs Collection CenterCollection CenterInside urology clinic, Shop no. B-21,Hajveri plaza, China chowk, Blue area, Islamabad
1120IHRA-01667Ghusia ClinicGP ClinicChak moari road, Near Shell pump, Rawat, Islamabad
1121IHRA-01666Doctor's ClinicGP ClinicMain golra service road, Opposite G-11 double road, Mirza Chowk, Islamabad
1122IHRA-01657Clinics & CarePoly ClinicShop no. 6, Basement khyber 3 plaza, G-15 markaz, Islamabad
1123IHRA-01644Major General Sanaullah Khan Shaheen Homeopathic ClinicHomeopath 26 no chougi pind paracha, G-14, Islamabad
1124IHRA-01191Life Line ClinicGP ClinicPlot no. 370, T-Shop no. 1-4, Block D, NPF 0-9, Islamabad
1125IHRA-01518NUMS Psychological ClinicPsychological ClinicNUMS, Main pwd road, Block B, Police foundation, Islamabad
1126IHRA-01672e Shifa Health CenterPoly ClinicDewan heights, Plot no. 156, Paradise commercial, Bahria town, Phase IV, Islamabad
1127IHRA-01513Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Lab Collection CenterCollection CenterShop no. 337-338, Ch. Arif plaza, Main double road, PWD Housing society, Islamabad
1128IHRA-01512Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Lab Collection CenterCollection CenterShop no. 1, Hasan arcade, F-11 markaz, Islamabad
1129IHRA-01671Faisal Medical ClinicGP ClinicAhmed market, Hospital chowk, Main golra road, Near DAR UL HUDA, Golra railway station, E-13, Islamabad
1130IHRA-01674Dr. Mehdi Heart ClinicSingle SpecialityHouse no. 104, Street no. 6, Sector E-11/2, (PMCHS), Islamabad
1131IHRA-01602Afsa Medical ClinicGP ClinicMain chatta bakhtawar market, Rasheed plaza, Park road, Islamabad