The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA), established under the Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act 2018, has been mandated to regulate the quality of healthcare service delivery in Islamabad. Under Section 21 & 22 of the Act, it is mandatory for all healthcare service providers to apply for registration and licensing of their respective healthcare establishments. According to Section 14 (1) of Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act, 2018.

“No healthcare establishment shall render any healthcare service unless it is registered with the registration board under this act subject to the terms & conditions as a registration board may determine on case-to-case basis at the time of registration and no healthcare establishment shall render any healthcare services for which it is not licensed”.

Accordingly, Healthcare establishments are required to get registered with IHRA and implement quality healthcare service standards to acquire license to render health services in the Islamabad Capital Territory.


Fee Structure

Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority
S. No Type of Healthcare Establishment 1st-time Enlistment (Rs.) Yearly Renewal (Rs.)
1 Hospitals
Category I
1.1 a) 300 and above beds  2500 Rs/bed  2500 Rs/bed
1.2 b) 100 to 299 beds  2500 Rs/bed  2500 Rs/bed
1.3 c) 50 to 99 beds                      50,000               50,000
Category II
1.4 a) 31 to 49 beds                      30,000                30,000
1.5 b) 16 to 30 beds                      25,000                25,000
1.6 c) up to 15 beds                      15,000                15,000
1.7 Rehabilitation Center (41 center having 942 beds)  1000 Rs/bed plus Rs.10,000  1000 Rs/bed plus Rs.10,000
2 Diagnostic Laboratories & Cosmetic services
2.1 Cosmetic Surgery / Hair Transplant/ Liposuction Centers / Cosmetic Centers                       50,000                50,000
2.2 Pathology Lab having other facilities like Imaging Center having CT Scan/MRI/Angio/ other advanced facilities                       70,000                 70,000
2.3 Pathology Lab + Imaging Centers                       30,000                 30,000
2.4 Main Lab having Collection Centers                       50,000                 50,000
2.5 Advance Imaging Center including X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI                       50,000                 50,000
2.6 X-Ray / Imaging Center                       30,000                 30,000
2.7 Collection Center                       20,000                 20,000
2.8 Dental Lab                       30,000                 30,000
3 Others
3.1 Poly Clinic                        30,000                 30,000
3.2 Dental Clinic (Multiple Chair)                        50,000                 50,000
3.3 MCHC/CMWs/Nursing/Maternity Home                        5,000                 5,000
3.4 Single Speciality Clinic                        10,000                 10,000
3.5 Hakeem /Matab                         5,000                  5,000
3.6 Homeopathic Clinic                         5,000                  5,000
3.7 Family Physicians/ Single Man (GP) Clinic                          5,000                  5,000
3.8 Dental Clinic (Single Chair)                          10,000                  10,000
3.9 Nutrition Clinic                           5,000                   5,000
4 Physiotherapy Clinic                           5,000                   5,000
4.1 Home-based Care services center                           30,000                   30,000
4.2 Tele-Medicines services center                           30,000                   30,000
4.3 Psychology Clinic / Virtual Psychology Clinic                           10,000                   10,000
Variation in pre-registration application (changes in name, address, category)                           10,000
Post registration Variation – any variation in registered HCE                           10,000
Change of registration status (category)                           Full fee of registration
Addition of Services (per service)                            30,000
50 beds and above                           100,000
30 – 50 beds                            50,000
Below 30 beds                            30,000
Change of Professionals/Service Providers                            10,000
Advertisement (Per advertisement for print media)                            20,000
Advertisement (Per advertisement for radio/audio)                           30,000
Advertisement (Per advertisement for Television/Cinema)                           50,000
Price increase in services                           20,000
Miscellaneous Applications (any other application having commercial significance)                           10,000

Note: Fee to be deposited in Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority’ current Account No. 1150420000481 in Askari Bank Limited, Kamran Center Branch, Islamabad.


  • Each page of the application form mut be signed and stamped by the applicant.
  • Incomplete form will not be entertained.
  • Provision of the incorrect information/ document will result in rejection of Application.
  • Return the complete form to Director Registration, PRCS – DMLC Building (2nd Floor) Sufi Tabasum Rod, H-8/2, Islamabad.

(For queries regarding completion of the application, please contact IHRA Ph: 051-9199914 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm w

How To Apply

IHRA carries a well-defined and transparent process for registration of Health-care Establishments. To apply for registration of your HCE, you may follow the following steps.


For Online Registration

Visit website or

Sign up and fill the required fields

click on sign in

on Healthcare Dashboard all statuses will be displayed

Fill the application , detail of staff and equipment’s

upload the required documents after properly filled

submit the application  and send the hard copies of all documents to IHRA.

The HCE will be provided provisionally registered Certificate within 15 working days if they meet the criteria.

By Hand Submission of Application for Registration

  • The HCE is required to properly fill out the Application form (Application Form for registration of healthcare establishment can be either downloaded from the IHRA website, or obtained from the Registration & Licensing Directorate, IHRA office, PRCS DMLC building, Sufi Tabasum Road, Sector H-8/2, Islamabad).
  • The Application form shall be submitted with deposited fee receipt, and the required documents to the IHRA’s office.
  • The HCE shall then be assigned a unique code by the IHRA.
  • Scrutiny shall be carried out by the Registration Directorate and subsequently, the letter for missing document or the acceptance of registration application shall be delivered to the HCE, within 14 days of the submission of application.

List of Required Documents

The applicant must submit the following documents, alongside the application form:

  • Copy of CNIC of applicant.
  • Declaration attached with the application form, should be signed and stamped.
  • Affidavit by Healthcare service Provider on Stamp Paper of R. 50/- issued in his/ her name, if the Healthcare Service Provider is not the owner.
  • Appendix A, B, and C of the Application form to be complete.
  • Fee Deposited Receipt (Appendix D of the application form).

Download Application Form
1Reg Form Indoor FacilityApplication FormDownload
2Reg Form No Indoor FacilityApplication FormDownload