In accordance with the Islamabad Healthcare Regulations Act, 2018, IHRA believes that complaints are source of direct information about the problems that are faced by public from healthcare systems and services.

A dedicated Directorate of Complaints has been established under IHRA Act, 2018 for receiving, managing and resolving complaints and to improve the quality of healthcare systems, services and outcomes. The purpose of the Complaints Directorate is to ensure the rights of patients and that HCEs are well-maintained in view of the current Rules/Regulations. In near relevance, a complete Complaint mechanism has been devised and complaint Regulations have been drafted, approved and implemented. The Authority is currently dealing with two (2) types of complaints i.e., Citizen Portal Complaints and Written Complaints supported by an affidavit.

How to Lodge a Complaint

To file a complaint, follow the steps specified, as under.


  • Download and Print the complaint form
  • Properly fill the complaint form
  • Print the sample Affidavit attached & produce your complaint on duly notarized stamp paper, by the Oath Commissioner / Notary Public, of Rs.100.
  • Submit both documents (Complaint form and Affidavit) and other relevant documents in support of complaint to IHRA’s Office through courier or by hand

Please note: Under Section 34 of IHR ACT, 2018, the complaint shall be filed within 60-days from the date of knowledge of the course of action.

(In case the Complaint is proved to be false, the Complainant shall be liable to pay the fine decided by Competent Authority, which may extend up to Rs.200,000, upon the complainant).

Address: Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority, DMLC Building (PRCS), 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sufi Tabassum Road, H-8/2, Islamabad

Complaints Forms & Processes
1IHRA Affidavit SampleEnglishDownload
2IHRA Affidavit SampleUrduDownload
3IHRA Patient Complaint FormEnglishDownload
4IHRA Patient Complaint FormUrduDownload
5Complaint & Hearing Process FlowchartDownload
6Inspection Flowchart & Hearing ProcessDownload