Health system in Pakistan faces challenges of vertical service delivery structures and low performance accountability within the government and private sectors, creating efficiency and quality issues. The establishment of Islamabad Health Regulatory Authority (IHRA) enacted under Islamabad Health Regulation Act, 2018 is reflective of the recognition on part of the Government of Pakistan to ensure provision of quality health care services, by implementing quality standards by the healthcare sector, to residents of the Islamabad Capital Territory.

IHRA is adopting evidence-based regulatory standards for registration and licensing of healthcare establishments, health professionals & equipment, and enforcing minimum standards of safety for patients, healthcare professionals and other staff in a healthcare establishment.

I am confident that IHRA will continue to effectively play its vital role in regulations of healthcare establishments, and will develop and issue regulations, guidelines, instructions and directives to ensure implementation of this law and notified practices; and collaborate with international and national institutions, organizations and companies to secure their assistance, cooperation and support for improvement of healthcare establishments for provision of quality healthcare services in Islamabad Capital Territory.

I congratulate the IHRA team on this initiative and wish them success in their endeavors.



Dr. Faisal Sultan
Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health