S.NoDateFile NumberComplainantCategoryRespondent HCE/HCPDetailsStatus
17th May, 2020F-No. 1-1/comp/IHRAMashal HassanMortality Case Cardiac Events /ACSMaroof HospitalCEO to discuss with Secretary M/o NHSR&C on 30th June, 2021 Decision of IHRA Uphold by Secretary M/oNHSR&C Letter written to Maroof Hospital for submission of Fine on 8th July, 21Closed
28th May, 2020F-No.1-2/comp/IHRADr. Syed Fazl-e-Hadi against Shifa HospitalNegligent Behavior of staffShifa Intl HospitalAffidavit not submitted by complainant Application submitted (not signed by Complainant) Letter written to SHIFA otherwise for Explanation Explanation not submitted.
Case withdrawn
38th, Oct, 2020F-No. 1-3/comp/IHRAMusarat Kareem VS Dr. Zeeba Qureshi and others(IVF) in Vitro FertilizationSalma & Kafeel Medical Center1st Hearing conducted (25-08-21)
two persons of Salma Kafeel Hospital are to be summoned separately, as they do not work there now.
2nd Summon (4th Jan 2022)
3rd Summon (1st Feb 22)
4th Summon (19 Apr, 22)
Decision done
Case is closed
416th July, 2020F-No.1-4/comp/IHRADr. Syed Ali Azhar KazmiFake rehabilitation centreWADA Clinic (Chatta Bakhtawar) , New Life Rehabilitation (Pakistan Town)Inspections Conducted (WADA Clinic) Revisit planned on 7th July, 2021 to WADA Clinic (Zone 4) Visit to new life rehabilitation on 29th July 2021 (Zone 5)Closed
514th Jan, 2021F-No.1-5/comp/IHRAMuhammad AwaisVestibular SchwannomaShifa Intl Hospital & Dr. Akbar Khan (Consultant) NeurosurgeonComplaint was submitted before Pakistan Medical Commission (Action not taken on complaint - discussed with complainant) Complaint lodged before IHRA Explanation Letter written to SHIFA on 14th July, 2021
Letter for continuation on 29-1-2024
In Process
618th Mar, 2021F-No. 1-6/comp/IHRAMr. Iqtidar Mahmood DaraPost COVID Pneumonia, Acute Kidney/injury, Urinary Tract infectionShifa Intl HospitalExplanation Letter written to SHIFA on 9th June, 2021 Explanation submitted by SHIFA on 28th June, 2021 Summon Letter issued (16-08-21) Decision taken, Penalty imposed on Shifa International Hospital.Closed
71st Mar, 2021F-No.1-7/comp/IHRANadeem VS Dr. Nasir KhokarDecision of PMC in the matter (Disciplinary Committee)SHIFA Intl HopsitalReferred to IHRA by PMC, 8-10-21
Explanation Letter sent to Shifa International Hospital Explanation submitted, Hearing to be conducted Hearing to be conducted after asking from complaintant. The complainant didnt persue and the complaint was not on the IHRA format
81st March, 2021F-No.1-8/comp/IHRABarrister Jahanzeb VS Dr. Kamran RashidDecision of PMC in the matter (Disciplinary Committee)SHIFA Intl HospitalReferred to IHRA by PMC, 8-10-21
Explanation Letter sent to Shifa International Hospital Explanation submitted, Hearing to be conducted Hearing to be conducted after asking from complaintant. The complainant didnt persue and the complaint was not on the IHRA format
916th Feb, 2021F-No.1-9/comp/IHRAMrs. Shazia FirdousIssue with treatment at Shifa HospitalSHIFA Intl Hospitala) No affidavit attached
b) No contact number mentioned
c) Contact number taken from Citizen Portal is powered off.
1030th Dec, 2020F-No. 1-10/comp/IHRAMr. Hafeez AhmedAlleged Negligence of Dr. Shahid MehmoodAgainst Ex-DHOIn-Progress (Wafaqi Mohtasib has summoned current DHO)Closed
114th Sept, 2020F-No. 1-11/comp/IHRADr. Zafar Ahmed KhanAgainst SHIFA Intl Hospital.SHIFA Intl HospitalDeficiency in Complaint (Affidavit not submitted), Letter Written for deficiency on 16th June, 21, Affidavit submitted but not attested from notary public, Letter for affidavit deficiency written on 13th July, 21, 12-10-21 Letter of Explanation sent to Shifa Internation Hospital, 21-10-21 Explanation Submitted, 21-12-21 - 1st Hearing - Dr. Zafar (Complainant) was absent, so hearing was adjorned. 18-1-22 2nd Hearing - After detailed discussion, both parties agreed on settlement and the complainant withdrew the case.Closed
1220th Oct, 2020F-No. 1-12/comp/IHRAMr. Sajjad MalikMortality Case (Demise of Mrs. Sultana Begum) (Mother of Complainant)Quaid-e-Azam Int HospitalIn-Progress by (Legal Dept.) Representation in High Court on 27 July, 21 Expnation letter submitted by HCE Expert Panel awaited for Decision Hearings conduted - dated: 05-10-21, 25-1-22, 8-2-22, 15-2-22
Decision taken, date of order 7-3-22
Case to be reopened
1310th August, 2020F-No. 1-13/comp/IHRAMr. Saif Ullah (Ex-Manager Reliance Hospital)Against Reliance Hospital (Salary Issue)Reliance Hopsital (Bahria Town)Letter written to Reliance for Explanation, Reliance Vs Complainant (Summoned on 7th June,2021) Summarized, Summoned on 28th June, 2021 (Reliance team Absent) (Summoned on 12th July, 2021) Summarized Not in jurisdiction of IHRAClosed
1419th July, 2020F-No. 1-14/comp/IHRAMr. Azmat AliAgainst Therapy Works House (Negligence)Therapy Works (Rehabilitation Center)Inspections Conducted
(Report Attached) Revisit Planned on 19th July 2021 (Zone 1)
153rd July, 2020F-No. 1-15/comp/IHRAGT Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.Banned Injections are being used in Hospitals.For Information (Not Relevant to IHRA)Closed
1622nd July, 2020F-No. 1-16/comp/IHRARashid Mukhtar (Victim)Against Fake Rehab CentersWADA Clinic (Chatta Bakhtawar), Islamic Medical Center, Caring HouseWADA Clinic Inspected 21-05-2021 (Report Attached), Islamic Medical Center and Caring House (Zone -4) visit conducted on 28-07-21Closed
1723rd July, 2020F-No. 1-17/comp/IHRAMr. Abdul Waheed KhakwaniAgainst Gynae Clinic for Redressal of GrievancesProf. Dr. Ghazala ClinicComplaint Forwarded from M/o NHSR&C, Letter for Explanation written to Clinic on 25th May, 21, Explanation received to IHRA on 10th June, 21 Inspection team visited the HCE, it was informed by the complainant telephonically that the complaint has been resolvedClosed
182nd June, 2020F-No. 1-18/comp/IHRAMs. Rashida ParveenAgainst Medical Practitioner (Hernia Case)Islamabad Medical & Surgical HospitalLetter written to IMSH for Explanation on 27th May, 21, IMSH replied on 3rd June, 21 (Issue resolved with complainant) Complainant was contacted by phone for confirmation (Issue was solved) CASE CLOSEDClosed
1923rd Feb, 2021F-No. 1-19/comp/IHRAMr. Hamad Sohail KhanRequest for Relaxation in Hospital BillSHIFA Intl HopsitalLetter written to Complainant, Complaint is out of Jurisdiction of IHRA. CASE CLOSEDClosed
2012th April, 2021F-No. 1-20/comp/IHRAMr. Murtaza DurraniMortality Case. (CesarianSection)Ali Medical HospitalLetter written to complainant on 27 May, 21 for Deficiency in Complaint (Affidavit not attested) Decision: pleas against hospital were seen in cctv, complainant was non serious and the pleas were invalid so closure of case
Hearing to be conducted
c. Hearing is scheduled on: 01-09-2023
In Process
213rd July, 2021F-No. 1-21/comp/IHRADr. Mirza Ameer Faizan AliLab is using the complainants name for production of fake corona reportsIslamabad Healthcare LabLetter written for explanation to Lab on 25th May, 21, Lab requested for extension of date in explanation till 30th June. Explanation Submitted to IHRA on 29th June, 21, Inspection Team Visited the HCE. (Report Attached) Summon Letter issued (30-07-21) 2nd Summon Letter issued on (20-08-21) Case forwarded to FIAClosed
227th May, 2021F-No. 1-22/comp/IHRAMs. Farrukh Naeem TahirMortality CaseSHIFA Intl HospitalLetter for Explanation written to SHIFA, Explanation Submitted by SHIFA Expert Panel awaited for Decision Hearing conducted on 14-10-21, 25-10-21 and 10-11-21
The case has been resolved.
2318th July, 2021F-No. 1-23/comp/IHRASamaria RajaTreatment Issue & Over ChargingDr. Nisar's ClinicLetter for Explanation written to Clinic on 21st June, 21, Letter not reached to Dr. Nasir's Clinic. Same letter sent again on 13th July,21, Letter for Explanation written to Clinic on 20th Aug 21, Team visited the HCE, complaint resolved.Closed
248th June, 2021F-No. 1-24/comp/IHRANadeem TanoliFake Corona ReportingBioGene LabLetter written for submission of Affidavit on 11th June, 21 (Address not found), Complainant was contacted by phone number provided, (Complainant Refused to submit Affidavit), CASE CLOSEDClosed
2515th June, 2021F-No. 1-25/comp/IHRAZahoor IqbalMortality CaseQuaid-e-Azam Intl HospitalLetter for Explanation written to Hospital on 16th June, 21, Explanation Received to IHRA on 24th June, 21, Complainant is send a letter for continuation of the complaint on 28-12-2023In Process
2625th July, 2021F-No.1-26/comp/IHRAMr. Zulfiqar Ali ButtGross Misconduct & Fatal NegligenceMEDICSI HospitalDeficiency in Complaint (Affidavit not submitted), Letter written to complainant for submission of Affidavit on 25th June, 21 Affidavit submitted by complainant (Wrong name mentioned in complaint) Letter for Explanation written to HCE on 13th, July,21, case withdrawnClosed
2718th October, 2021F-No.1-27/comp/IHRAMr. Raja Muhammad IkhlaqMedical NegligenceFederal General HospitalExplanation letter sent on 29-11-21

Explanation received on 28-12-22

First Hearing conducted on 22-09-22

Complainant agreed on settlement, contact the complainant if settlement has happened Decision will be put up
In Process
2815th October, 2021F-No.1-28/comp/IHRAMs. Hina MahmoodMedical Sample MishandlingBioheal SpectrumExplanation letter sent
Reply of explanation submitted
Hearing conducted on 11-1-22
Case has been resolved.
2914th October, 2021F-No.1-29/comp/IHRAMr. Muhammad JebranMedical NegligenceShifa International HospitalExplanation letter to be sent to Shifa - 9-10-21
Reply received on - 22-12-21
one pager decision to be made and attach in file
In Process
3005th October, 2021F-No.1-30/comp/IHRAMr. Muhammad YaseenMortality CaseAl-Khidmat Razi Hospital Explanation submitted
Hearing conducted on 26-04-22
317th December, 2021F-No.1-31/comp/IHRAMr. Adeel AhmedMortality CaseMaxHealth Hospital Explanation letter sent to the Hospital on 9-12-2021
Hearing to be conducted on 15-3-22
Hearing could not be conducted, Hearing conducted on 4-1-2024
In Process
3227th Sept, 2021F-No.1-32/comp/IHRAMr. Mudassir s/o Baga Khanwrong treatment of stomach problem, which has caused problem to the complainantAryaan ClinicInspection team inspected the HCE, based on non-compliance the HCE was sealed and fined accordinglyClosed
3316th August, 2021F-No.1-33/comp/IHRAMr. Muhammad Ashfaq CheemaIrrelavant treatment for Muscular DistrophyInstitute of Regerenative Medicinea. The complaint is forwarded by PHC as the HCE is at Islamabad.
b. Affidavit is not attached, so the compainant is contacted telephonically for the submission of the complaint on affidavit.
c. Response/affidavit from the complaiant is awaited.
d. Explanation submitted. Hearing conducted
e. Hearing to be conducted
In Process
3414th Sept, 2021F-No.1-34/comp/IHRAMr. Abdul Qadir s/o Muhammad SarwarNon-coperation of Hospital regarding furnishing the complete medical record to the complainantQuaid-e-Azam International Hospitala. Complaint forwarded to Hospital for explanation.
b. Explanatiuon submitted on 14-12-2021
c. Explanation forwarded to complainant for further clarification requested by Hospital
d. Explanation sent to complainant fopr reply as his claim was denied by Hospital.
e. Hearing conducted on 22-2-22, Medical record handed over to complainant
3511th November, 2021F-No.1-35/comp/IHRAMr. Muhammad YounasMortality Case due to negligenceMaxHealth Hospitala. The Complaint was forwarded to IHRA by HOTA.
b. Explanation letter was sent to Hospital on 9th Dec, 2021
c. Inspection team was sent on 16-12-21, upon non-compliance the services of the OT of the HCE were suspended.
d. Final decision to be made
In Process
362nd February 2022F-No.1-36/comp/IHRAMr. Younas ImranMortality Case due to negligenceRawal General & Dental Hospitala. Complaint received on 2-2-22.
b. Explanation letter was sent to Hospital on 14-2-22
c. Explanation received on 28-2-22
d. Hearings conducted on: 7-7-22, 23-8-22, 9-9-22
e. Next hearing to be scheduled
f. Decicion done, Case has been resolved
3711th November, 2021F-No.1-37/comp/IHRAMr. Rashid AliBiopsy sample misplaced and report not givenKulsum International Hospitala. The Complaint was received on 21-12-22.
b. Explanation submitted
c. Hearing to be conducted
d. Hearing conducted on: 28-10-22
e. Both Parties agreed on settlement
3821st February 2022F-No.1-38/comp/IHRAMr. Arif HussainNegligence of Hospital due to which the patient is in ICUShifa International Hospitala. Complaint revceived on 21-2-22
b. Explanation letter issued
c. Hearing conducted (complainant absent)
d. Patient was send summon regarding his interest to proceed on 2-12-2022 e. Decision send on 22-12-2023
3911th March 2022F-No.1-39/comp/IHRAMr. Kamran Dad KhanMortality Case due to negligenceShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on 11-3-2022
b. Explanation Letter sent on 13-4-22
c. Explanation submitted on 7-5-22
d. Hearing to be conducted.
e. Heaing conducted on 2-08-22.
f. Both parties agreed on settelment.
G. The complainant now wants to follow up the case and wants the case to be seen by an expert.
4021st April 2022F-No.1-40/comp/IHRAMr.Adeel PervezMortality Case due to negligenceAli Medical Centera. Complaint received on 21-4-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 23-4-22
c. Explanation received on 9-5-22
d. Hearing to be conducted Decision of PMC is received on 2-1-2024
In Process
4128th March 2022F-No.1-41/comp/IHRAMr. Muhammad SananMedical NegligenceKulsum International Hospitala. Complaint received on 28-3-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 25-4-22
c. Explanation received on 9-5-22
d. Hearing to be conducted
In Process
4218th April 2022F-No.1-42/comp/IHRAMs. Neelofar MalikMedical NegligenceShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on 18-4-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 25-4-22
c. Explanation received on 19-5-22
d. Hearing to be conducted
e. Hearing conducted on ________
f. Decision to be drafted
4319th May 2022F-No.1-43/comp/IHRAMr. Gul ZamanMortality CaseShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on 19-5-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 25-5-22
d. Hearing conducted on 31-5-22
e. Case forwarded to Prof. Dr. Mohsin Naveed as subject expert.
f. Hearing conducted on 16-6-22
g. Hearing conducted on 23-6-22
f. Decision dissiminated
4422nd May, 2022F-No.1-44/comp/IHRAMr. Waqas AliMortality CaseMaxHealth Hospitala. Complaint received on 22-5-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 30-5-22
c. Explanation received on 4-6-22
d. Hearing conducted on 15-09-22
e. Maxhealth doctor admitted the hospital did not entertain the letters of the complainant because it was a personal matter Dr. Sameera with the complainant.
f. Decision to be drafted
4527th May, 2022F-No.1-45/comp/IHRAMs. Munazah WahabMedical NegligenceRoyal Cosmetic Surgery Clinica. Complaint received on 27-5-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 30-5-22
c. Explanation received on 6-6-22
d. Hearing conducted on 2-9-22
e. Documents required from Royal Cosmetic Surgery
f. Documents received
g. Next Hearing to be conducted
h. Case closed after settlement between both parties
4628th July, 2022F-No.1-46/comp/IHRAMr. Nazeer Ahmednon-compliance of code of ethics of PMCPIMS (Dr. Qasim)a. Complaint received on 28-7-22, against Dr. Qasim.
b. Complaint is not submitted on the format of IHRA.
c. Complainant contacted telephonically to submit on format -
4719th Aug, 2022F-No.1-47/comp/IHRADr. Munir AbroMedical NegligenceShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on 19-08-22 against Shifa International Hospital.
b. Explanation letter sent on 23-08-22
c. Hearing conducted on 13-09-22.
d. Documents required from Shifa International Hospital.
e. Next hearing to be rechduled.
In Process
4810th Aug, 2022F-No.1-48/comp/IHRAMr. Danial Ahmed BhattiMal-administratiom
Reports of Psychotherapy sessions taken by Ms. Ifrah are not being given to the Complainant
Therapy Works (Rehabilitation Center)a. Complaint received on 10-08-22
b. Explanation letter sent.
c. Explanation received from Therapy Works
d. Hearing conducted on 8-9-22.
e. Documents requested from both parties.
f. Second hearing conducted on 21-10-22
g. Decision to be drafted
h. Decision isssued
i. Reminder to be issued for submission of fine
493rd Aug, 2022F-No.1-49/comp/IHRAMr. Tahir Ali ShahMedical NegligenceShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on 03-08-22
b. Explanation letter sent.
c. Explanation received, PMC Decision attached only.
d. To be discussed
e. Hearing conducted on: 18-10-2022. The case is subjudice at Medical Tribunal, that is why cannot be heard, so Case is closed.
f. case reopened by complainant upon dismissal from Medical tribunal
g. Hearing conducted on: 27-6-23
5021st Sep, 2022F-No.1-50/comp/IHRAMr. Fazal AhmedMal administrationMedikay Cardiac Centrea. Complaint received on 21-09-22
b. Explanation letter sent on 23-09-22
c. Dr. Quddus (Medikay) refused to comply and respond on telephone.
d. Explanation received on 4-10-22
e. Letter sent to complainant that the case is closed as Sehat Sahulat has clearly said to Wafaqi Mohtasib that the payment cannot be reimbersed.
5122nd Sep, 2022F-No.1-51/comp/IHRAMuhammad Farooq RajaMal administrationIDC Collection Point - F-8, Islamabada. Complaint received on 22-09-22
b. Explanation letter issued on 18-10-23
c. IDC reply received on 24-10-22, PolyCinic Reply received on 02-01-23
d. Hearing conducted
e. decision issued
527th Oct, 2022F-No.1-52/comp/IHRAMaryam HanifMal-Practice & Mal-AdministrationShifa International Hospitala. Explanation letter issued on 14-10-22
c. Reply received on 26-10-22
d. Hearing to be conducted
Both parties agreed on settlement
In Process
5331st Oct, 2022F-No.1-53/comp/IHRAArshad Mehmood KhanMedical NegligencePAF Hospitala. Explanation letter issued on 22-11-22
b. Reply for extension in explanation date received on 30-11-22
c. Reminder issued on 29-12-22
d. Another letter for extension of explanation received on 06-01-23
e. Hearing to be conducted after receipt of explanation
f. Hearing conducted on 21/11/23
In Process
5429th Nov, 2022F-No.1-54/comp/IHRAIshrat ParveenDeath of Patient due to negligenceWADA Clinic (Chatta Bakhtawar)a. Explanation letter issued on - 8-12-2022
b. Explanation received on 19-12-22.
c. Both parties summoned on 16-12-2022, where WADA Clinic representatives did not appear.
d. 2nd hearing scheduled on - 17-01-2023
In Process
551st Dec, 2022F-No.1-55/comp/IHRAGhulam MurtazaDeath of Patient due to medical negligenceIslamabad Inrernational Hospital & Research Centera. Explanation letter issued on - 11-01-2023
b. Explanation yet to be received
c. Reminder Letter sent on: 13-03-23 d. Response was send by HCE on 13-1-2023 e. Hearing was conducted on 28-12-2023
In Process
5617th Jan, 2023F-No.1-56/comp/IHRADr. Inayat Ullah KhanComplaint against Policy of Shifa International HospitalShifa International Hospitala. Hearing conducted on: 24-02-23
b. Decision regarding maintainence of the complaint pending
In Process
571st Mar, 2023F-No.1-57/comp/IHRAShah ZamanMal-administratiom
- Documents of complaints shared with outsider and used against complainant
Shifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on: 01-03-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 13-03-23
587th Mar, 2023F-No.1-58/comp/IHRASalim Ullah SheikhMortality due to mal-administration and mal-practiceShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on: 07-03-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 16-03-23
c. hearing Conducted on 25-7-23
In Process
5916th Mar, 2023F-No.1-59/comp/IHRASaima RaheelMortality due to mal-administration and mal-practiceIDC (Imaging and Lab services)a. Complaint received on: 16-03-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 03-04-23 c. IDC reply received on 12-04-23. d. letter sent for provision of medical and financial record on: 15-05-2023
c. hearing conducted on 24-7-23
In Process
6028th Mar, 2023F-No.1-60/comp/IHRANauman DurraniMal-Practice & Mal-AdministrationShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on: 16-03-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 03-04-23
c. Hearing conduted on 21-07-23, not agreed on settlement
d. Hearing is scheduled on 26-12-2023 (expert to be decided )
In Process
6129th Mar, 2023F-No.1-61/comp/IHRAMuhammad Musa MirajMal-PracticeShifa International Hospitala. Complaint received on: 29-03-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 13-04-23
c. Shifa Int. Hosp. reply received on 18-04-23, that annexures are missing.
In Process
6224th Mar, 2023F-No.1-62/comp/IHRAHamood Ur RehmanMal-Practice3D Lifestyle Aesthetic Clinica. Complaint received on: 24-03-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 13-04-23
c Hearing is scheduled on 14-09-2023
6321st June, 2023F-No.1-63/comp/IHRAKhurshid AlamMal-AdministrationSalma & Kafeel Medical Centera. Complaint received on: 21-06-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 05-07-23
c. Reply received and hearing conducted on 22-08-2023
6411th July, 2023F-No.1-64/comp/IHRASyed Ahsan Hussain ShahMal-practice, Mal-administrationShaafi Hospital, Lehtrar Road, Islamabada. Complaint received on: 11-07-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 17-07-23
c. Hearing is scheduled on: 05-09-2023 d. Decision on 2-1-2024
6526th July, 2023F-No.1-65/comp/IHRAMr. Hamza SajidMedical NegligenceThe Hospital (Zimri Orthopedic)a. Complaint received on: 26-07-23
b. Explanation letter sent on: 1726-07-23
6604th Aug, 2023F- No. 1-66/comp/IHRAAsif Ali RazaMal-PracticeShifa Medical Center for GCCa. Compalint received on: 04-08-23
b. Explanation letter to be sent.
c. 2nd Hearing is sheduled on 23/11/2023
In Process
6718th Aug, 2023F- No. 1-67/comp/IHRAAsim RafiqueMal-PracticePak American Hospital (R3 Stem Cell)`a. Compalint received on: 23-08-23
b. Explanation letter sent.
In Process
68TBAF-No. 1-68/comp/I|HRAAbdur RashidMal-Practice, medical negligenceKulsum Int'l Hospitala. Compalint received on: (TBA)
b. Explanation letter sent.
In Process
6906th Oct, 2023F-No. 1-69/comp/I|HRAAbdullah KhanMal-PracticePak American Hospital (R3 Stem Cell)`a. Compalint received on: 06-10-23
b. Explanation letter sent.
In Process
7025th Oct, 2023F-No. 1-70/comp/I|HRAAyaz AliMal- AdministrationMardan Medical Complexa. Compalint received on: 25-10-23
b. Forwarded to KPHCC as the complaint fall in their jurisdiction
7101th Dec, 2023F-No. 1-71/Comp/IHRAMuhammad SaqibMal- AdministrationIDCcomplaint received on: 01-12-2023
informed the complainant to submit on IHRA prescribed format.
7221st Nov, 2023F-No. 1-72/Comp/IHRATanvir ShuaibMedical Negligence / Mal-AdministrationMaroof International Hospitalcomplaint received on: 21-11-2023
Explanation Letter sent on - 21-11-23
Explanation received on - 27-11-23
Subject expert invited on - 01-12-23 (Dr. Noshela Amjad)
Hearing conducted on - 05-12-23
Decision draft sent to Legal Officer, IHRA - 08-12-23
7303rd Nov, 2023F-No. 1-73/Comp/IHRAZain Ali Raza Mal-AdministrationMedicsi Hospitalcomplaint received on: 03-11-2023
Explanation letter sent on - 21-11-23
Explanation from medicsi received, Explanation from Dr. Saiqa received on 1-1-2024 Hearing scheduled on 11-1-2024 Hearing conducted on 11-1-2024
In Process
7408th Nov, 2023F-No. 1-74/Comp/IHRAMuhammad Ahsan Mustafa Mal-Administration/mal-practice/medical negligence Kulsum International Hospitalcomplaint received on: 08-11-2023
Summon of hearing on 18-1-2024 Hearing conducted on 18-1-2024
In Process
7508th Nov, 2023F-No. 1-75/Comp/IHRAMuhammad Saleem Mal-practicePak American Hospital (R3 Stem Cell)`complaint received on: 15-11-2023
comp-registration form is incomplete, informed the complainant to visit IHRA to fill required sections
In Process
7615th Dec, 2023F-No. 1-76/Comp/IHRAMaria TahirMal-administration & Mal-practiceFamily Medical Complex (E-11, Golra Sharif, Islamabad)Complaint received on :15-12-2023 Affidavit is missing(patients husband is called and asked for its submission on 19/12/2023, 12:14 pm) explanation letter send to family hospital on 19-12-2023, explanation letter received on 1-1-2024 Summon for hearing on 9-1-2024. Hearing conducted on 16-1-2024In Process
7716th Dec, 2023F-No. 1-77/Comp/IHRARana Farukh TahirMal-administration & Mal-practiceCosmetico by Dr. Kamal ud din KhanComplaint received on : 19/12/2023 Letter send to complainant regarding time barred on 20/12/2023In Process
785th January, 2024F-No. 1-78/Comp/IHRANasreen ZahidMal-administration & Mal-practiceDr. Akbar Niazi Teaching HospitalComplaint received on 5-01-2024 Explanation letter send to HCE on 8-1-2024 Response received on 13-1-2024In Process
7913th January, 2024F-No. 1-79/Comp/IHRAQaisera Bibi Mal-administration & Mal-practiceDr.Bilal (vital Dental Clinic)Complaint received on 13-1-2024, Letter of response sent to Hospital on 22-1-2024In Process
8018th January, 2024F-No. 1-80/Comp/IHRARazia KhatoonMal-administration & Mal-practiceSurgical center (F-8/2)Complaint received on 18-1-2024, Response to complainant sent on 22-1-2024In Process
8124th January,2024F-No. 1-81/Comp/IHRAAyesha SaeedMal-administration & Mal-practiceSmile zone Dental Center (Dr. Hafsa Khan)Complaint received on 24-1-2024, The complainant is guided to submit the complaint of the patient In Process
8214th February, 2024F-No. 1-82/Comp/IHRAMalik Ishrat MushtaqMal-administration & Mal-practiceAdvanced International HospitalComplaint received on 14-2-2024. The letter of deficiency in Affidavit was send to complainant on 15-2-2024.In Process
8322nd February, 2024F-No. 1-83/Comp/IHRASyed Asad HussainMal-administration & Mal-practiceIslamabad Mind Wellness and Rehab CenterComplaint received on 22-2-2024. Letter of acknowledgement was send to the complainant on 22-2-2024, File was prepared on 22-2-2024.In Process
8422nd February, 2024F-No. 1-84/Comp/IHRAAsma Naveed Mal-administration & Mal-practiceAiman Rehab CenterComplaint received on 22-2-2024. Letter of acknowledgement was send to the complainant on 26-2-2024, File was prepared on 26-2-2024.In Process
8522nd February, 2024F-No. 1-85/Comp/IHRAZeenia SattiMalpracticePIMSComplaint received on 22-2-2024. Letter of acknowledgement was send to the complainant on 26-2-2024, File was prepared on 26-2-2024.In Process
8626th February, 2024F-No. 1-86/Comp/IHRAShahzad ImranMal-administration & Mal-practicePak American Hospital (R3 Stem Cell)`Complaint received on 26-2-2024, contacted for submission of affidavit in IHRA formatIn Process
8726th February, 2024F-No. 1-87/Comp/IHRAUzma KanwalMal-administration & Mal-practiceHuma Medical CenterLetter written for submission in IHRA format along with AffidavitClosed
8829th November, 2023F-No. 1-88/Comp/IHRAZakria BibiMal-administration & Mal-practiceMaroof International HospitalTelephonically the complainant has been conveyed to fill in the missing portions of IHRA Complaint formIn Process