IHRA, DHS to develop qualifying standards for Islamabad hospitals

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Health Regularity Authority (IHRA) and the Directorate of Health Services (DHS), MCI, have reached an understanding whereby IHRA will maximise the experiences of DHS, and exercising its regulatory role, the two will develop various types of qualifying standards for the hospitals of Islamabad, which is the need of the hour.

A decision to this effect was taken during a meeting between Hasan Orooj, Director General of DHS, MCI, and Dr. Quaid Saeed, Chief Executive Officer of the IHRA. In this context, DHS has done some work such as development and categorisation of healthcare facilities (HCFs), high-risk mapping of various sectors, development of the Islamabad Health Equity Model, and registration of Islamabad in the WHO’s Healthy Cities network.

IHRA has done some important work such as digital mapping of all HCFs and developing SOPs and Terms of Reference for them. It is presently working on registration of clinics, hospitals and laboratories and streamlining the hearing process in case of patient complaints.